WATCH: Two Jerks Attack Waitress … She Went Full John Wick On Those Fools

Written by Wes Walker on June 22, 2021

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This is the kind of confidence that every dad wants for his daughter. A couple of rough punks who probably should have been cut off a long time ago mistook their young waitress for a ‘victim’.

They could not have been more wrong.

What happens in this quick 17 seconds of video is nothing short of amazing.

Here’s what seems to be going on — which is the closest we can get without speaking the language of those involved.

It’s a pretty ordinary scene. A young waitress serving two buddies at a table who apparently are, at this point, deep into a night of drinking.

The first clue that this encounter could go sideways in a hurry was the sheer number of bottles on the table, and how the guy in the chair on the left wobbled in his seat before getting up. What was NOT so obvious at first was exactly who it was that would be in absolute control of this situation.

Wobbly guy made the wrong choice right there. He stood up and put his hands on the waitress, who was clearly much smaller than him. The other guy briefly reached for her other wrist.

She stepped back, out of the sitting guy’s reach and faced the first guy.

None of that stopped her from trapping his arm, smoking him in the face just as he was about to take a swing at her with his other hand, , and then slamming his throat with her elbow. It was only when she’d dropped his buddy that the guy on the right made the decision that he wanted a chance to get rag-dolled by her, too.

Not a problem.

He jumps up from his chair. She kicks him right back into it.

He stands up again, and tries to lunge at her with a punch, which she easily blocked, countering with what may have been a kick to his abdomen, (or worse). He walks out of the camera shot, grabs a chair, lifts it over his head to fling it at her.

She catches the chair in one hand. Still holding the chair on, she kicks him square in the chest, and sends him flying to the floor as the video comes to an end.

This young woman isn’t willing to be ANYBODY’s ‘victim’. She’s badass, through and through.

Unlike the ‘slept her way to the top stories’ like a certain Veep we might mention, these are exactly the kind of ‘strong women of integrity’ stories we love to celebrate.

For that matter, so are these ones.

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