‘Zero Chance Of Survival’: Baby Born At 22 Weeks Celebrates First Birthday

Written by Wes Walker on June 22, 2021

Richard Scott William Hutchinson came into the world as the tiniest Guinness World Record holder. Now he’s crossed a major milestone.

Being born with health complications in the height of a global pandemic is complicated enough, how much more so when you come into the world only 22 weeks after conception?

None of the experts thought this little bro stood a chance. After all, Planned Parenthood is still routinely executing babies much further along than Richard was when he burst out into the world on the fifth of June last year.

But here he is, alive and kicking. (Puts something of a new spin on that whole ‘viability’ argument we keep hearing from the abortion cheerleaders, doesn’t it?)

“When [his father] Rick and Beth received prenatal counseling on what to expect with a baby born so early, they were given a 0% chance of survival by our neonatology team,” Dr. Stacy Kern, Richard’s neonatologist at Children’s Minnesota, told Guinness World Records.
“I knew the first few weeks of Richard’s life would be very difficult, but I felt that if he could make it through that, he would be a survivor.”
…In December 2020, after spending more than six months in the hospital, Richard was able to go home with his family.
…”I couldn’t believe this was the same little boy that once was so sick, that I feared he may not survive. The same little boy that once fit in the palm of my hand, with skin so translucent that I could see every rib and vessel in his tiny body. I couldn’t help but squeeze him and tell him how proud I was of him.”
On June 5, the lucky baby got to celebrate his first birthday surrounded by family and their three dogs.
“It doesn’t feel real,” Beth said about Richard breaking the record. “We’re still surprised about it. But we’re happy. It’s a way we can share his story to raise awareness about premature births.” —CNN

Here he is at a whopping eleven point nine ounces, so teeny that he can fit neatly into the palm of a single one of his parents’ hands.

It seems a little jarring for CNN, a network so aggressively celebrating pro-abortion stories, that they would dare highlight a success story that so directly undermines their own argument.

He was only 22 weeks old when he was born.

Let’s put that little life in proper perspective in today’s political climate.

That means, out of the list of countries in the entire world, there is only a select few countries where it would still have been legal to end his life through abortion at the time he was born. Many countries allow abortion up to 20 weeks, but very few allow it beyond that marker.

In which other countries could tiny Richard’s life have been lawfully snuffed out at the time he took his first breath?

Netherlands and Singapore would have protected his life at the 24-week mark… but Richard came along too weeks too soon for that benchmark.

China, North Korea, and Vietnam have no laws prohibiting abortion at any time.

Canada makes list of countries with no restrictions, but their reason is a bit of a wildcard, and different than the others. That’s because their Supreme Court struck down the old legislation as ‘flawed’, back in the 80s, and all of their politicians have been too gutless (or opportunistic) to even raise the issue since then, meaning there aren’t *any* abortion laws at all, for good or ill.

And there the other country where Richard’s life would have been so casually thrown away and discarded if his parents had no wish to keep him alive and well? America, of course.

Fortunately for him, his parents valued his life and gave Richard the love and care he needed to thrive. What a different world it would be if others shared that same priority.

Mom and dad did the hard thing, not the easy thing. May God richly bless them for it… even more than He obviously has already.

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