Anaheim’s Politicians Pressure Venues To Shut Down Republican Rallies … That Was A Mistake

Written by Wes Walker on July 19, 2021

Anyone intentionally facilitating de facto one-party rule should take a moment to ask themselves how it was that German Nazis achieved uncontested power in the first place.

Anaheim has used the fig leaf of ‘public safety’ concerns to successfully pressure a private venue to break the contract they had to provide venues to the ‘America First’ rally with Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene. The owner canceled the event with less than 24 hours’ notice.

This is the third such venue cancellation they have dealt with in their America First rally in Anaheim.

Ms. Greene and Mr. Gaetz originally planned to hold their rally Saturday evening in Laguna Hills, also in southern California, but the venue pulled out Friday and the event was moved to nearby Riverside.

The city of Riverside soon announced it would not be hosting the rally either, however. The city said the company that operates the city-owned convention center had cancelled on the members of Congress.

“I recognize this was a divisive issue in our community, and I am glad it has been resolved,” Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson, a Democrat elected in 2020, said in a statement late Friday night. —WashingtonTimes

Ah yes, the elected Democrat considers this issue to have been ‘resolved’ with the sanctioned silencing of her political rivals.

“We’ve hosted multiple rallies in multiple states. Not one security issue. Zero violence. Just the very #AmericaFirst energy the woketopian tyrants fear most,” Mr. Gaetz said online in the afternoon. —WashingtonTimes

Gates and Green put together an impromptu presser where they spoke out against this strongarm tactic. They weren’t the only ones to notice and speak out about Anaheim’s jackboot tactics.

Here is the video she cited in which Dinesh D’Souza articulates quite nicely why this is such a bad precedent.

Anaheim started backtracking pretty quickly.

Oops indeed.

Oh, yea. Neither Matt nor Marjorie are the type to back away from a fight. This could get good.

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