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Biden-Harris Admin Invites United Nations Human Rights Council To Bash The United States Over Racism

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Several countries with outrageous human rights abuses are currently on the United Nations Human Rights Council and they’ve been invited by the White House to lecture the U.S. about racism. Great.

Are you ready to hear what China and Cuba think about racism in the United States? Because that’s what you’re going to get once the UNHRC starts “examining racism” in America at the behest of the Biden-Harris administration.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken formally invited the UNHRC to examine human rights in the U.S. in the wake of 2020’s George Floyd protests.

News outlets didn’t mention this, however, and as Newsbusters noted, they instead focused on Biden’s so-called “human infrastructure” plan.

Former President Obama caused outrage for traveling the world and literally bowing to the leaders of lesser nations. But late Tuesday, President Biden went lower by inviting the United Nations’ so-called Human Rights Council (which is infamously loaded with human rights abusers) to come to America and bash us as racist. And even though Biden was setting America up to be unjustly assailed by some of the world’s worst human rights abusers, the Wednesday broadcast newscasts hid it from their viewers.

Instead of covering how the Biden administration was subjecting America to criticism from the likes of China, Cuba, and Russia, ABC, CBS, and NBC were more interested in talking about Biden being on Capitol Hill to drum up support for his so-called “human infrastructure” plan.
Source: Newsbusters

The irony of Cuba coming and investigating alleged human rights violations in the United States while the Communist regime there is violently cracking down on protesters demanding freedom was not lost on Fox News anchor, Bret Baier.

It should be noted that in 2018, President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the UNHRC because of the constant Israel bashing, but the Biden-Harris administration rejoined as an observer in February 2021. 

The Biden-Harris administration wants to kowtow to thuggish regimes that abuse their own people and wage propaganda wars against the United States.

Cuba’s leader, Miguel Díaz-Canal, has been trying to blame the protests on the decades-long U.S. embargo.

Meanwhile, China has been picking at the scab of race relations in the United States in order to attack America. We saw that in the awful Alaska Summit.

Why the heck do we care what the United Nations thinks anyway? It’s a platform for dictators, anti-American propagandists, and raging anti-Semites.

Considering the current membership, the “Human Rights Council” is an absolute joke.

Here is the full list of the current membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council including the year their term expires are as follows:

Argentina — 2021
Armenia — 2022
Austria — 2021
Bahamas — 2021
Bahrain — 2021
Bangladesh — 2021
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) — 2023
Brazil — 2022
Bulgaria — 2021
Burkina Faso — 2021
Cameroon — 2021
China — 2023
Côte d’Ivoire — 2023
Cuba –2023
Czechia — 2021
Denmark — 2021
Eritrea — 2021
Fiji — 2021
France — 2023
Gabon — 2023
Germany — 2022
India — 2021
Indonesia — 2022
Italy — 2021
Japan — 2022
Libya — 2022
Malawi — 2023
Marshall Islands — 2022
Mauritania — 2022
Mexico — 2023
Namibia — 2022
Nepal — 2023
Netherlands — 2022
Pakistan — 2023
Philippines — 2021
Poland — 2022
Republic of Korea — 2022
Russian Federation — 2023
Senegal — 2023
Somalia — 2021
Sudan — 2022
Togo — 2021
Ukraine — 2023
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — 2023
Uruguay — 2021
Uzbekistan — 2023
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) — 2022

Why are we still a member of this thing?

The late, great Charles Krauthammer was right — Trump should have turned the U.N. into condos. 

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