BIDEN UNITY: Biden Says Republicans Are ‘Restricting’ The Right To Vote With Election Integrity Laws (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 14, 2021

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President Joe Biden, who ran on uniting a politically divided country, has said that Republican election laws are the biggest threat to the country since the Civil War.

Wait…wasn’t the January 6 “insurrection” the biggest threat to the country since the Civil War?

Why does Joe keep invoking the Civil War if his goal is to unite the country? Simple. He doesn’t really give a damn. He’s just reading what’s been put in front of him while Hunter builds his new art business with anonymous international art aficionados paying $500K and up for his blown-with-a-straw paintings.

Hunter will quickly create a nice little nest egg for himself, the “Big Guy”, and the rest of the Biden clan, you know, maybe something to help fund a new foundation to slush money around without too much difficulty.

Then, when Joe’s addled brain can’t even handle the 20 minutes he is seen in public, he can hand off to Kamala and Jill can bring him his ice cream while he sits watching Matlock in his basement in Delaware.

But before they can do any of that, they’ve got to make sure that they’ve vilified Republicans for daring to want to have free and fair elections run by the state as per the Constitution instead of adopting the Democrats’ bill that would federalize elections.

Yesterday, Joe was in Philadelphia at the spot where his party would say that “racist white men” gathered in order to enshrine “white supremacy” at the Constitutional Convention, and went on the attack taking aim at GOP election security laws.

Frankly, it was an embarrassing, blatantly partisan speech that Biden should be ashamed of. But then, he’d have to be able to feel shame for that to happen.

Biden started off by saying that the right to vote should be “simple and straightforward.”

Biden then said that in 2020, “more than 150 Americans of every age, of every race, of every background exercised their right to vote.” Good ol’ “Gaffe Machine” Joe clearly meant over 150 million people voted. He also said that “no other election” has been “held under such scrutiny and such high standards.” How about we call George W. Bush and Al Gore and ask them about that one.

As for the “standards”, well, there were changes to rules because of the pandemic that made it easier to cheat. Everything from mailing out unsolicited ballots, to not verifying signatures, to ballot harvesting, drop boxes, and jurisdictions refusing to clean up voter rolls. All of those things together undermine election integrity. That’s just a fact.

The President then says that Republicans are spreading a “Big Lie” about the 2020 election.

Just wait until “The Big Guy” hears what the previous Democratic presidential candidate, Democrat voters, the corporate media said about 2016.

Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams hardest hit.

Joe then says that Republicans want to make it harder to vote and likened it to Jim Crow.

He said it also matters who counts the vote.

Perhaps Joe wasn’t aware of the Republican poll watchers that were sent home in Georgia while counting continued without them…

Biden said that it’s the “biggest threat to democracy since the Civil War” — for real.

Spoiler Alert: it isn’t. Making sure that people are who they say they are and are legally allowed to vote is called “election integrity.” It’s understandable that a slimy little swamp thing like Joe Biden who has been using his troubled son as a vehicle to get foreign cash for years is unable to comprehend the concept of “integrity.”

Biden then urged Republicans to “stand up for God’s sake” and push Democrat election reforms that undermine election integrity, despite the fact that many aspects of the GOP laws are very popular with voters.

Notice that Biden calls the January 6th riot a “deadly” insurrection. Maybe his handlers didn’t write it down on Joe’s cards, so he doesn’t know… but the only person that died that day as a result of the riots was an unarmed MAGA protester, Ashli Babbit.

Laura Ingraham beautifully fact-checked Biden’s claims.

In case you missed it, here is Biden’s full speech:

If you just can’t handle watching 20 minutes of tedious, angry Joe, you can read the transcript here.

The speech was clearly a push to vilify Republicans as racist and trying to “cheat” for wanting secure elections. There isn’t any real criticism of the laws that are being discussed, only repeated smears.

Democrats are out of step with the American public and don’t seem to realize it. A recent poll showed that 80% of voters say that voter identification is an “important security measure.” They also resoundingly backed other security measures such as, signature verification, chain of custody controls, bipartisan election observers, and cleaning up the voter rolls. These are all things that are in the state GOP bills that Democrats are calling “Jim Crow.”

In the case of the Texas Election Bill that Democrats have now gone AWOL for, the new law would expand voting hours.

Democrats have been trying to call the return to pre-pandemic election norms “voter suppression” for several months now. They were even playing this game when they were criticizing the Georgia bill that sparked the Democrats’ ire and was labeled “Jim Crow 2.0.” Democrats said that the law was “restricting voting hours” when it instructed counties to set voting hours between 7 am and 7 pm, but changed the language of minimum voting hours from “business hours” to “9 am to 5 pm”.

Meanwhile, Democrats want to make the pandemic rules permanent, eliminate voter I.D., send out unsolicited ballots, eliminate signature verification, allow ballot harvesting, and not clean up voter rolls. That’s what’s in the inappropriately named “For The People” Act and other Democrat measures to relax rules on voting. Anyone who disagrees with their view on voting is racist and a “threat to democracy.”

We can all see what this is — in 2022 if they lose races in red states that have implemented these new restrictions, they’ll pull a Stacey Abrams and claim that it was “voter suppression” and not a fair election. It’s a “heads they win, tails we lose” scenario. The good thing is, it appears that Republicans are ignoring the smears and pushing for election integrity anyway. That’s what we need to keep doing.

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