Big Tech Wants You Mute And Miserable – Here’s The Tech To Fight Back

Written by Gary S. Goldman on July 17, 2021

I have always believed that life is only worth living if you can live it authentically. If you can’t be who you want to be, who you know you are deep down inside, then what’s the point in living? Over the past few years, I’ve slowly come to realize that we are all collectively being prevented from living authentic lives. Our mouths are being muzzled. Polls consistently show that we’re censoring our own political views now out of fear of being canceled. In America?

America is the land of unlimited opportunity. I am the world’s first billionaire in bitcoin because America is free. Free speech is the cornerstone of our republic. America’s founders recognized that we have an inherent right to speak without restriction that predates any government; no governing authority can say otherwise. It’s a natural right that government doesn’t grant but must protect. The First Amendment to our Constitution is first because it is the most basic of all freedoms: the freedom to speak your mind, to be honest, and true to yourself.

Lately, attempts to erode this God-given freedom have nearly succeeded. Where government officials failed to exert control, because our Constitution prevents it, faceless corporations have taken over. Social media moderators delete your comments, censor your photos, and lock your accounts; search engines suppress information to keep you in the dark, and biased “fact-checkers” editorialize anything you say to keep you lost and confused and financially hurt sites you depend on for news. Big Tech doesn’t want you to be authentically you – they want you to be just another cog in their machine. You’re just a power source for ravenous Big Tech, like the humans in The Matrix.

I created the Freedom Phone to fight back against this corporate onslaught that tries to cut out our tongues. Designed to be resistant to censorship, the Freedom Phone allows you to download nearly any app in existence – even the ones that have been banned by Apple and Google. Capable of hosting end-to-end encryption apps, the Freedom Phone stops Big Tech from spying on your conversations and watching what you do. This is the phone that our corporate overlords have always feared: out of their control, highly capable, and immune from their censorship. I created the Freedom Phone so you can declare your data independence. It’s also a serious phone, with massive expandable storage, a huge battery, and high-resolution cameras that leverage artificial intelligence to get the perfect shot.

If America’s founders were alive today, they would be horrified at the way we have allowed these multinational corporations to dictate what is “acceptable” speech, which freedoms we are allowed to have, and what thoughts we are permitted to think. It didn’t happen overnight; it was hard to see how our liberty has been slowly ground down at first. Now it is painfully obvious what has happened to us, and a sharp change is needed.

The Freedom Phone is the device that Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton would use if they were alive today. Built to give the user maximum freedom, this is the free speech device for the digital age that anyone who loves liberty should be using.

Everything I have done in my life has led to this point, there’s no turning back now. I know that I have made myself the enemy of these corporations by taking a stand for freedom, but there is simply no way I could sit on the sidelines any longer. By using the Freedom Phone, you can join my fight against the relentless censorship, invasion of privacy, and restriction of choices that has become the hallmark of Silicon Valley.

With the Freedom Phone, Americans can take back control of our lives and bring the fight to them.