De Santis Calls For USA To Give Persecuted Cubans Online Access … The FCC Agrees

Written by Wes Walker on July 15, 2021

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With the Cuban crackdowns now costing the lives of some peaceful protesters, the Communist-loving left finds itself between a rock and a hard place.

Maybe it wasn’t embarrassing enough that Bernie Sanders was shamed into deleting the 2011 blog post in which he praised Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina while condemning America as a ‘banana republic’. (The page lists as 404, but it was archived here. Sorry Bernie, the internet is forever.)

Now Democrats are scrambling to figure out a ‘safe’ narrative they can hold to while throwing the doors open to any random (purportedly) South or Central American arrival taking a raft across the Rio Grande while saying ‘no mas’ to actual political refugees wanting to flee Cuba.

This comes hard on the heels of Biden’s administration telling the interpreters who helped US efforts in Afghanistan that our law doesn’t let us provide safe haven for them and their families despite the likelihood that our pullout will trigger acts of retribution leading their families to be murdered.

Biden’s big idea for the Cuba crisis looks an awful lot like Trump’s ‘immoral’ solution for the waves of immigration — resettle them somewhere else.

The cries of the Cuban citizens are unmistakable — ‘Liberty!’

Cubans, like Hong Kongers before them, are wrapping themselves in the same flag American athletes refuse to stand for… because for them, it stands for freedom.

The Cuban regime is cracking down. They are cracking heads (at least one protester is dead) and they are suppressing internet communication for the Cuban public.

De Santis calls for strong support of the Cuban public proposes a simple, workable solution to help them make their voices heard, at home and abroad. Give them internet access, remotely.

The FCC head thinks it’s a great idea, even if Joe Biden and his administration are not big fans of showing support to the protesters. Biden’s DHS Secretary Tells Cubans And Haitians Fleeing Turmoil ‘Do Not Come To The U.S.’ (VIDEO)

“Governor DeSantis’s call for the Biden Administration to provide the necessary support for American businesses to deliver Internet service to the Cuban people is exactly right,” Carr said in a statement. “While Cuba’s communist regime is blocking Internet access in an effort to hide their brutal crackdown on freedom, American enterprises have the technical capability to beam connectivity to the Cuban people and help power their real and ongoing struggle for life and liberty. With the backing and authorization of the federal government, these private sector innovators can get to work immediately.”

Carr said that the U.S. must immediately “expand our efforts” to help the Cuban people, even as the Biden administration has signaled the opposite, sparking backlash.

“Internet shutdowns are increasingly becoming a tool of tyranny for authoritarian regimes across the globe. America must stand against this anti-democratic tactic and move with haste to provide Internet freedom to the Cuban people,” Carr added. “Opposition from Havana- a regime that actively works to block Radio Television Marti’s signals- is expected. We must not be deterred. We should do everything in our power to ensure that the Cuban people have the power of connectivity and the ability to share their fight for freedom with the world.” —DailyWire

When Obama ended the ‘wet-foot-dry-foot’ policy, despite making special allowances for his DREAMers, it became clear that Democrat biases toward Cuban refugees were a special case. Now that they have spent so much time kissing up to them, taking direct action against Cuban’s puts the Dems in an awkward position.

No wonder the silence of Bernie and the Squad has caught the notice of media types here and abroad. One NewsWeek headline, for instance, said it this way on Monday: Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Quiet on Cuba as Republicans Back Protesters

If the Democrats say they care so much about the oppressed, now is the time to show it… unless they are afraid of reminding the pubic what the TRUE authoritarian mask of socialism really looks like?

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