Did A Chinese Professor’s Speech Expose Massive Chinese Corruption And Influence In America? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2021

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When this speech was first reported in late November of last year, it was mainly drowned out by the noise surrounding Covid and the contested election.

Now, in the cool light of day, so to speak, we can reflect back on the last six months or so, and consider the serious allegations one Chinese professor made to a Chinese audience bragging that — with the exception of a blip during the Trump years — China has been pretty much calling the shots in Washington by using insider influence to persuade the key people in power to dance to China’s tune.

We say ‘the exception of Trump’ because in this Chinese professor’s own words, Trump was the only administration since 1992 in which China could not exercise that level of influence.

And he’s got some — interesting — things to say about (then-President-elect) Joe Biden’s impending rise to prominence.

Who is this Professor? Di Dongsheng, is a professor at Renmin University in Beijing. This clip was taken from a Chinese television show about Wall Street and international trade. The video is marked as dating from November 28, 2020.

Is he credible? We leave our readers to judge that for themselves. But Georgetown University is reportedly one of several international places he has been invited as a guest lecturer, so he’s not easily dismissed as some partisan lightweight. Wiki is hardly ‘authoritiative’, but his page gives some relevant biographical details for anyone interested in who we are talking about.

Here’s the text of what is said.

‘…the Trump administration is in a trade war with us. So why can’t we fix the Trump administration? Why, between 1992 and 2016 did China and the US use to be able to settle all kinds of issues?

No matter what kind of crisis we encountered be it the Yinhe incident, the bombing of the embassy, or the crashing of the plane, things were solved in no time, like (a couple) do with their quarrels starting at the bedhead and ending at the bed end.

We fixed everything in two months. What is the reason? I’m going to throw out something maybe a little bit explosive here. It’s just because we have people at the top. At the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence. We have our old friends. For the past 30 years, 40 years, we have been utilizing the core power of the United States.

As I said before, since the 1970s, Wall Street had a very strong influence on the domestic and foreign affairs of the United States. So we had a channel to rely on. But the problem is that after 2008, the Status of Wall Street has declined. And more importantly, after 2016, Wall St. can’t fix Trump.

So, during the US-China trade war, they (Wall Street) tried to help and I know that my friends on the US side told me they tried to help but they couldn’t do much.

But now we’re seeing Bide was elected. The traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they’re very close to Wall Street. So you see that, right?

Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of a global foundation. Have you noticed that? Who helped him (Biden’s son) build the foundations? Got it? There’s a lot of deals in all of these.

That’s an awful lot of influence he’s alleging China has to throw around. If true, that throws an entirely different light on that Time Magazine story we later heard about everybody suddenly working together to get Biden elected, doesn’t it? Remember that ‘fortified’ election result? WATCH: Lawyer Breaks Down The Infamous Time Article About The Secret ‘Well-Funded Cabal’ That ‘Fortified’ The 2020 Election

When the DailyMail referenced the same quote, from the now-deleted original source, they mentioned something else he said that seems to have followed immediately after the end of the clip cited above:

You all heard that Trump said Biden’s son has securities companies all over the world. But who helped Biden’s son build his global companies?,’ Professor Di asked.

‘There are indeed buy-and-sell transactions involved in here, so I think at this particular time, [with Biden winning the election], it is of strategic and tactical value for us to show goodwill to him.’

For a President who was such a ‘threat to democracy’ that partisan politicians tried not once, but TWICE to impeach him, we can’t help but notice Trump’s Presidency was the only one they did not claim was being run by a puppet of China’s will.

It’s almost as if he was the one guy they could neither bribe or threaten. No wonder the establishment hated him so badly.

There’s been a history of an awful lot of malfeasance on China’s part. It ranged from spies being chased out of different cities, to infiltration and corruption of Universities, to Democrats like Swalwell and Feinstein having shockingly close connections to foreign spies, not to mention some very connected Republicans, as well.

We can’t help but notice that 2001-2009 was not listed as a difficult time for Chinese agents to exercise that international influence. It would suddenly make a lot of sense that the Bushes didn’t vote for him.

If things here really are as bad as this professor claims, is it any wonder that a President who prioritized the legitimate national interests of the American people rather than gazillionaires representing personal, corporate, and international interests faced such rabid opposition?

We have this self-incrimination, recorded in Hunter’s own voice: Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

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