DUI Dem In Trouble Again … This Time For Strip Club Spending Of Campaign Cash

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2021

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If this guy were a Republican, he’d be a household name. But since he’s a Democrat, this will be quietly swept under the rug.

Michigan State Rep. Jewell Jones is not a household name yet. But it’s not for any lack of getting busted for dumbassery.

The last time we were checked in on Jewell Jones, he was caught on police cameras, having a drunken ‘don’t you know who I am’ moment where he was shown threatening the cops on the scene. So as we can see, he’s a real class act.

Elected Dem Threatens Cops When He Gets Nabbed For DUI … Invokes Governor

A couple of days ago, he narrowly dodged the bullet of getting thrown in the hoosegow, with the judge making it clear that there wouldn’t be any more ‘second chances’. The reason? Parole violations.

This time, 26-year-old Jones returned to court over late payments related to the ankle alcohol monitoring system he was ordered to wear last month. Jones was scheduled to pay $700 each week as part of a previous agreement with the court that forced Jones to wear the monitor system.

Livingston County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Christina Richards asked the court to revoke Jones’ bond over the matter.

The device was shut off on July 8 due to failure to pay the fee. After several attempts to remind Jones of the payment via text from July 6-14, the agency that operates the monitor system informed Jones that the device would be disabled if he still had not paid.

On July 7, Jones replied to the message he received from the agency, saying, “No worries, I see the email. Thank you. I don’t get a discount???”

…Richards said that there was evidence of “interference, but no positive readings,” from July 8 to 15.

“I don’t find that there has been a use of alcohol, but the fact that it was turned off due to conduct was violation of bond,” Hatty said. “There was a disrespect of the court’s orders.”

Hatty told Jones that if his place of residence hadn’t been affected by flooding, his bond would have been revoked.

“If there are any other violations, you’re looking at jail,” he said. — M-Live


We did a good job of resisting any temptation to take a cheap shot at his name, despite it sounding like a plausible stripper name. It was low-hanging fruit, and added nothing to the story. We opted for the high road. You can imagine our amusement when we learn he’s landed himself in hot water over spending campaign cash — at *ahem* a ‘gentlemen’s club’.

A Michigan lawmaker reported spending $221 of his campaign money at a strip club in Dearborn for a March 8 “constituent meeting” to discuss “potential economic projects,” according to a disclosure filed Sunday.

State Rep. Jewell Jones, D-Inkster, turned in his new fundraising report ahead of Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline for state officeholders and candidates to submit the records. In a phone interview, Jones described the Pantheion Club, the venue of the meeting, as a “lounge” and said he wasn’t sure if it was a strip club before the phone call became disconnected.

A Twitter account using the name Pantheion Club describes it as “the oldest and most established gentlemens (sic) club in Michigan.”

…”We have (to) meet people where they’re at some times … #HOLLA,” Jones said in a text message after the interview. He added that the club had “great lamb chops.”

Clearly, he takes issues of campaign spending oversight very seriously. You can tell by the hashtag.

Simon Schuster, executive director of the nonprofit Michigan Campaign Finance Network, said Michigan’s elected officials “often use campaign funds to wine, dine and entertain themselves … under the guise of conducting business.”

“While this sort of spending isn’t uncommon, sadly, the venue Rep. Jones chose truly pushes the limit of credulity,” Schuster said.

Simon Schuster weighed in on social media:

With soaring levels of contempt for the law and the taxpayer like these, surely he has a dazzlingly bright future in the Democrat Party.

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