GLOVES OFF: West Calls Out Abbott’s Specific Failures … Gives HIS Solutions (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 10, 2021

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Any politician in a slick suit with a Madison Avenue ad campaign can spin pie-in-the-sky platitudes. But what rally matters is the actual promises, and your ability to deliver.

Lt. Col. Allen West sits down with Buck Sexton to talk about exactly what things West would do differently than Abbott has as Governor. He isn’t afraid to be specific in his answers.

There’s only so much ground a candidate can cover in the 7 minutes or so of actual dialogue in this clip, but he managed to fit a lot of big issues in there. His answers were not just that the other guy isn’t addressing these issues. He has specific solutions in mind.

See for yourself.

Here’s a quick summary of the topic they touched on you can watch the clip for the full context.

1) The border.

West just spent a night at the Rio Grande watching what was really going on there. It was pretty bad. We covered that here. WATCH: Allen West Dropkicks Gov. Abbott’s Feckless Border Blather

National Guard troops are standing by and helping wave after wave of people get into busses so they can get sent to processing centers and then wherever else they might go in the country… while cartels use the distraction to create an opportunity for the less savory illegal border crossers often called the ‘got aways’. Texas is effectively borderless at the moment, and its sovereignty is being undermined as we speak.

There are some specific, actionable solutions to this problem. West explains.

When asked about Abbott’s pledge to build the border wall, he asks an obvious question about the difference between promises and results.

2) Critical Race Theory in the schools

Both private and public school systems will require a different response, because of funding structures. Private schools that insist on teaching it will be denied taxpayer dollars. Public school unions will have to be confronted directly. And he’s willing to take up that fight.

West reminds Buck’s audience that he was born in a ‘Blacks Only’ hospital in Atlanta Georgia in 1961, and unlike so many bitter people who have never even lived under segregation, he will STILL tell us that ‘you are not my oppressor and I am not oppressed’.

3) Defund the police

He specifically identifies some of the factors driving this and the corresponding rise in crime, and then pledges to look for ways to put pressure on these various public officials who have been undermining the rule of law.

People rage against ‘establisment’ politicians over the promises they make and then break once elected. (Fracking. Running as a ‘moderate’. Obama ‘supporting traditional marriage’ and so on.)

What we are seeing now is the rise in politicians on the right who will boldly declare ‘this is my plan of action’. You can love it or hate it, but this is the plan.

On the other side, apart from Bernie and the Squad who have (mostly) gone all-in on their ideologies, who’s really being up-front about their real political obectives?

If only we could have both sides become so honest about their true intentions.

Trump seems to have paved the way for a different kind of politician. Not just the fighter, but one who will nail their colors to the mast. That kind of boldness is refreshing.

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