LMAO: Arizona AG Hits Biden With Border Wall Lawsuit … Citing Environment

Written by Wes Walker on July 14, 2021

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Suddenly the folks who brought you Biden’s Broken Border and elements of the Green New Deal are being ‘hoisted on their own petard’. The trap they laid for others has just sprung on them.

Arizona’s AG is demanding an injunction on Biden’s halt of the building of the wall. And he is framing his case in a way that hits the left with their own language.

You see, there have been some serious consequences from Biden’s Broken Border, and the streaming of people into America. The kind of consequence that can stop a project in its tracks.

They never did any environmental impact study of reversing Trump’s policy of building the wall and keeping illegals from streaming across the border.

As it turns out, that endless stream of people is making a helluva mess. And that mess is the basis of Arizona’s injunction against Biden’s Executive Order.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office first sued the Department of Homeland Security in April, alleging the administration has not complied with its obligations under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) when it ended border wall construction and the Remain-in-Mexico policy – which kept migrants in Mexico until their hearings were processed.

…NEPA generally requires federal agencies to weigh the potential environmental consequences of policies prior to their implementation. The suit requested the U.S. District Court in Arizona void the border wall pause and reinstate Remain-in-Mexico until the government carries out a review of the environmental damage.

The AG’s office cites estimates that each migrant crossing the border leaves up to 8 pounds of trash and that the state’s Department of Environmental Quality found that includes human waste, medical products, vehicles and plastic containers.

The new effort Monday includes a request for a preliminary injunction as well as an amended complaint. The injunction would require the administration to analyze the environmental impacts, rescind the cancellation of wall contracts and reinstate Remain-in-Mexico. —FoxNews

It looks like Republicans are finally waking up and learning how to use the Byzantine labyrinth of the left’s own bureaucracy to tie the Dems up in knots. Just like it says in Alinsky’s rule #4, ‘make the enemy play by its own book of rules’.

Considering we are seeing dozens of illegal immigrants dying of exposure to the elements on that border, closing it could save a lot of lives.

The bodies of an unusually large number of migrants who died in Arizona’s borderlands are being recovered this summer amid record temperatures in the sun-scorched desert and rugged mountains.

An increase in migrant deaths also has been noted in Texas, and rescues are up throughout the border with Mexico. —Stl Post Dispatch

Yet strangely, the Biden administration wants to keep the doors for these ‘refugees’ streaming across the border wide open, while slamming it in the face of people fleeing Cuba or Haiti seeking actual political asylum while fleeing persecution.

Somebody should hold them to account as to why the only people they will NOT welcome into America are those who see it as a place of refuge from political persecution.

It almost seems as though the answer to that question might be contained in the question itself, doesn’t it?

Thank you, Arizona, for getting creative in your stand against Biden’s dereliction of duty and betrayal of his oath of office.

Let’s see more creativity and bold stands.

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