The First Century Church Defied Their ‘Lord Faucis’

Written by Doug Giles on July 18, 2021

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We’ve all come a long way, since those humble beginnings, haven’t we folks?

In the beginning, Christians were chased from one town to another like hunted men, while bringing the spark of a divine light into every dark corner of the empire to which the authorities chased them.

Sure, many were impoverished. Or imprisoned. Or beaten. Or killed.

But they had a divinely endowed boldness and a courage that not even the greatest empire of the day could match. They had the courage that only free men and women can understand, free people whose only allegiance was to God Himself.

And now?

The church has grown. And it has spread. We have buildings and budgets and committees and millions more butts in seats than we used to. But if we have all of those things, yet don’t have that freedom and the firey, dynamite energy that made the early Christians so dangerous to the powers of Rome, what do any of us have, really?

Christians lived with a kind of liberty so compelling that spies from other religious groups literally came to get a gander at it.

Can anyone for one hot minute think Paul or Peter would have told the church to stop gathering in worship because it seemed like the ‘wise course of action’?

Those cats didn’t just talk big, they dared the local authorities to arrest them for preaching Christ.

Paul even appealed to Caesar, not to get his sentence reduced, he fully expected he would suffer and die for his faith. No, he wanted the chance to bring the gospel to the household of Caesar himself.

Does that give you a reason to rethink how so much of the modern world — especially Christians — tucked their collective head between their knees for the last year or so, all ‘for the greater good’?

Is there another way? A better option? You bet.

And for our example, we can look to no less than Christ’s original Motley Crew of rowdies who ‘turned the whole world upside down’.

Does that sound a lot better than waiting for your mayor to decide the coast is clear, and it’s finally safe for the Churches to go out and fulfill the explicit mandate of God?

Or have we learned better than to trust the judgment of jacked-up people who think liquor stores are ‘essential services’ but coming together in worshiping the Almighty is not?

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