WATCH: Grassley Puts FBI Through The Woodchipper Over Huge Holes In Terror Policy

Written by Wes Walker on July 30, 2021

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How does 25% of the FBI terrorist caseload get completely ignored in a national Domestic terrorism policy?

Do you chalk this up to incompetence? Stupidity? Willful blindness?

Are they complicit? Do they WANT that 25% to achieve their political objectives? Seeing how the current Vice President played a role in raising bail money for a bunch of these scumbags, it leaves the public with a lot of unanswered questions.

Here is Grassley addressing the National Security Council’s strategy for domestic terrorism.

Today, I would like to speak to a major issue facing our nation. That issue is domestic terrorism, and the threats that it brings to our cities and communities across the country.

On June 15th of this year, the National Security Council issued a national strategy for countering domestic terrorism. Although the strategic objectives were very similar to the National Security Council strategy under the Trump administration, I was very concerned to see that the policy took a partisan tone.

For example, aside from the commonsense measures to combat crime, such as promoting cooperation between law enforcement agencies, there was an emphasis on promoting gun control and critical race theory in schools. The Biden administration seems to make these recommendations at every turn.

What the report was missing, I found shocking.

The report was lacking any strategy to combat anarchist extremism. Specifically, there was no mention of the 500 domestic terrorism investigations that were opened throughout the 2020 riots. Those 500 cases amount to about 25 percent of the FBI’s current domestic terrorism investigations.

How could the cause of 25 percent of the current FBI caseload not be mentioned?

It’s a grave mistake to make an issue like domestic terrorism partisan, even in the slightest. Judging by the report, I’m afraid that’s exactly what the Administration is doing.

It is of critical importance to keep in mind the great bipartisan work that can and should be done to address domestic terrorism of all types, rightwing and leftwing, including anarchist extremism.

We have to work together on diving deeper into serious, apolitical solutions to this issue. The American people deserve it.

We all remember how hard the left worked to deny that the rioters in the past year were tearing down our cities — or on one night in June, attempting to storm the White House.

We all noticed how few people faced serious charges for attempting to burn down federal buildings — some with people inside of them! — in places like Portland, or Seattle, Kenosha, New York, Chicago, or Minneapolis.

With some 500 or so arrests made for the events in DC on January 6th — including entirely non-violent ‘parading’ charges that could just as easily have been applied to the anti-Kavanaugh protesters who disrupted official confirmation hearings — it is significant that 25% of their domestic terror cases are still investigating anarchist activities.

Seeing as anarchists actually fit the profile of domestic terrorism in that they use violence to achieve political objectives, this is a glaring omission, isn’t it?

Grassley is holding their feet to the fire, and good for him. But what about the Senators of states in which anarchist violence has been hurting communities, injuring cops, and taking lives? Where are they?