WATCH: Nurses Tell Pregnant Woman That Her Baby Is ‘Not Her Property’ And WILL Have COVID Test After Birth

Written by K. Walker on July 28, 2021

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This is a great example of why a healthcare system that is run by the government and has no private option is very, very bad.

A video is starting to get picked up by Right-wing Twitter that is just an appalling view of how government agencies believe that they can make decisions for you and coerce you into compliance.

Healthcare in the United Kingdom is taxpayer-funded and run by the National Health System (NHS).

In that sort of system, the government can make decisions for you because they’re the ones paying the bills. It’s very difficult to fight against the “medical experts” there because they have ways of making you comply. After all, it’s run by the government.

In essence, you hand over the control of your healthcare to the NHS, and the same goes for your newborn.

The video making the rounds is of a pregnant British woman in the hospital because of her high-risk pregnancy, told by two nurses that she can make decisions “while her baby is in her abdomen,” but once born, her baby is “not her property” and they will perform a PCR test for the coronavirus. When she refuses, they said that they call the UK equivalent of Child Protective Services.

Meanwhile, this woman with a high-risk pregnancy is getting very animated and her symptoms are exacerbated because she doesn’t want to subject her newborn child to an unnecessary test for the whims of the NHS.

At one point, the dad says, “You’re more worried about the COVID than the baby.”

That does appear to be the case.

As the dad gets up and says that he’s checking them out of the hospital, the mom, Sophie, lets those nurses have it with an epic rant. She lectures them on what “patient care” should look like and tells them that they cannot run tests on her baby without parental consent.

Bravo, Mamacita!

How does this even make any sense?

Presumably, the mother would be given a COVID test before being admitted to the hospital, so, if she was negative, there would be no need to test the baby.

If she was positive, the chance that her newborn infant also tests positive is almost nil.

If the mother tests negative, the only way for the baby to test positive (aside from a false positive) is if the baby contracted COVID in the hospital. Is that something that they’re concerned with? Is COVID tearing through hospitals in the United Kingdom over a year after it was first detected and after the high rate of vaccination over there?

It’s not only stupid, it’s also absolutely outrageous!

In the past few years, we’ve seen that the NHS doesn’t care much about the rights and wishes of parents when it comes to the healthcare of their children. That was apparent in the situations with both Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. In those cases, the “medical experts” decided that their lives were not worth saving, and both children died despite the attempts by their parents to keep them alive. But, the government thought that they were better equipped to make the difficult decisions on the healthcare of children than their parents. 

It looks like some things are just not going to change.

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