Allen West Says Dallas P.D. Are Infringing On His Wife’s Civil Liberties After Questionable DWI Arrest

Written by K. Walker on August 26, 2021

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Unfreaking believable!

Here at ClashDaily, we’re a pretty firm “back the blue” crowd, but we’re willing to call out law enforcement when it steps over the line and is no longer about enforcing the law.

This situation with the West family is looking more like harassment than law enforcement.

GOP Gubernatorial candidate, Lt. Col. Allen West. posted a series of videos over the weekend after news that his wife, Angela Graham-West, was arrested and charged for DWI with a child under 15 in the vehicle. West had provided a copy of the receipt for his wife’s dinner that shows that she had not consumed any alcohol that evening.

ClashDaily reported on that here:

As a quick summary, West’s wife was coming home after a day out with their 3-month old grandson and was stopped by a DWI unit of the Dallas P.D. on Friday night for failing to use a turn signal when changing lanes. After conducting three field sobriety tests and two breathalyzer tests that were both “inconclusive” and a warrant for a blood test that is still pending, she was arrested and charged with DWI.

Graham-West had a prior brain aneurysm behind her right eye which she told the officer might affect her ability to perform the field tests, but it wasn’t mentioned in the police paperwork, and was muted in the video of the interaction with Graham-West that the Dallas P.D. posted on YouTube.

The probable cause affidavit provided by Graham-West’s attorney states that the officer claims to have smelled alcohol coming from the car, that Graham-West’s eyes were bloodshot, and she seemed “confused” with a  “delayed reaction time.” The West family firmly disputes all of that.

Remember, she was stopped for failing to use her turn signal when changing lanes.

The attorney for Graham-West, Todd Shapiro said his client went on Monday to get a five-panel, instant urinalysis test that included an alcohol test. The results showed “zero presence of drugs or alcohol.” The alcohol test traces back up to 80 hours, Shapiro said.

Despite this, Angela Graham-West is being subjected to daily breathalyzer tests and a tracking device has been placed in her car.

Lt. Col. Allen West posted the update on Instagram.

Dallas Police Department Chief Ed Garcia gave a press conference on Monday to address the questionable arrest and charging of my wife, Dr. Angela Graham-West. Chief Garcia should heed the counsel of famed Roman Statesman, Marcus Tullius Cicero, who asserted, “the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled.” As a 22-year career Army officer, commander, and combat veteran, we learn that you never double down on a bad call. There are always consequences for leaders who can’t admit to and take responsibility for wrongful actions.

As a Battalion Commander in Iraq, I took full responsibility for the action I took to protect my men. However, if any of my men took an action that was dishonorable, unjust, or unethical they were held accountable. Case in point, I would never defend a coward and deserter like a Bowe Bergdahl. I would not defend poor leadership such as that of General Milley and Secretary of Defense Austin, which undermine both the morale and capabilities of our armed forces.

Therefore, I find it unconscionable to defend the actions of those complicit in the arresting and charging of my wife for something of which there was no evidence, only speculation. I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, which includes our Bill of Rights, in this case the Fourth Amendment. My wife is being ordered to take daily breathalyzer tests and a tracking device placed in her car, a clear violation of due process.

This episode is uncovering some very disconcerting, seemingly unconstitutional, systemic practices, and procedures. This is bolstered by the fact that many current and former law enforcement officers have reached out to me and my campaign privately to express their support, sympathy, and to share stories of similar situations. I am committed to defending the honor of my wife, and honoring my oath for all Texans to defend their civil liberties.

The Dallas Police are standing by the arrest and the ongoing enforcement action against Graham-West based on a subjective test that lots of sober people fail. 

At a press conference, police Chief Edgardo Garcia showed video of her Friday traffic stop, field sobriety test and arrest. He gave few details when asked about what portions of the field sobriety test Graham-West might have failed.

But information about police suspicions were detailed in an arrest warrant affidavit that The Texas Tribune obtained from Graham-West’s lawyer, who said his client had not been drinking and questioned the strength of the officer’s evidence…

…Officers then conducted three field sobriety tests, in which she showed signs of intoxication in two, according to the affidavit. In the first test, one of six clues that someone could be intoxicated were observed. In the second test, two of eight clues were observed. Two of four clues were observed in the third test. Failure is considered two or more clues, Shapiro said.

“Normally … you only see four out of six [clues observed] and six out of six. I’ve been doing this for 21 years. I’ve never seen one out of six [clues observed] written on a police report,” Shapiro said.
Source: Texas Tribune

Here’s the 20-minute video that was released by Dallas P.D.

The comments for the video have been turned off.

It seems to be a helluva thing happening to an honorable patriot in the great state of Texas!

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