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SAVAGE: Trump Ad Jackhammers Biden’s EPIC Failures As President (VIDEO)

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Even the press has had a tough slog of looking for reasons to praise Joe Biden’s handling of, well, anything since he’s taken office. And his numbers are starting to reflect that.

COVID is stubbornly sticking around, the problem is not going away as he promised. Members of his own administration have called the border crisis ‘unsustainable’. Inflation and national debt are threatening to kick off a reenactment of the Carter administration. Oil prices are skyrocketing.

His policies keep getting challenged in court — and losing on grounds of being unconstitutional.

And now… Afghanistan.

Trump’s supporters have launched an ad that puts the situation in a devastating light. The version we chose to run also has some of Don Jr’s thoughts about the ad itself as he sets it up, and about the international implications of the failures we see unfolding before our eyes.

What do you think of the video?

What about the questions Don raises after the ad ended?

As a thought experiment — imagine you were a stealth candidate whose mission was to pretend to be mainstream, but was fundamentally hated America. Imagine you resented America being a Superpower and a strong player in international politics. Imagine you objected in the strongest terms to the American political and economic model, and wished it were replaced with something more resembling what parts of Europe have.

Imagine you wanted to make rapid progress on that agenda, to make any of those changes so entrenched that they would be difficult to reverse by any subsequent political party or leader.

Would you do anything, anything at all, differently than what Joe has done so far?

We need more voices to stand up and tell the world that ‘the Emporer has no clothes’. There comes a tipping point when –if enough people start stating the obvious — that even the flunkiest of political flunkies will be too embarrassed by the obvious lie to peddle it in defense of his Dear Leader.

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Wes Walker

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