BIDEN’S BANANA REPUBLIC: DOJ Demands Trump’s Taxes… Drops Investigation Into Chinese Spy

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2021

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If this administration had to face an honest and hostile media, questions about the appearance of Biden’s partisan and globalist loyalties eclipsing his American ones would be deafening.

Biden and Pelosi will be remembered — in any honest telling of history — as being unimaginably petty and vindictive. Even after Trump has stepped off the national stage, they are still looking for ways to destroy him personally, professionally, and reputationally.

As Justicial Watch’s Tom Fitten likes to say about individuals targeted in lawsuits or massive investigations, the process IS the punishment. Anyone who has read our story about the guy being held over his alleged role in January 6th, whose trial date isn’t set until next year, but is being held indefinitely as an unconvicted citizen would know exactly what we mean by that.

That story can be found here: January 6 Detainee Won’t See Court Date Until 2022 — Is That A Sixth Amendment Violation?

We saw the same dynamic at play with the witchhunt against General Flynn. Even after the DOJ identified its own culpability and abuse of power in charging him, their manufacture of evidence to accuse him, and the deliberate denial of his rights as a citizen by refusing to turn over evidence that would have demonstrated his evidence, it took nothing less than a Presidental pardon to make one rogue judge finally relinquish the power he had over an innocent man who he had decided unworthy of the presumption of innocence. Jackass Judge In Flynn Case FINALLY Gets Around To Dismissing Case…Reluctantly

For further context: WHISTLEBLOWER: Treasury Dept Spied On Flynn, Manafort And Trump Family From 2015

Crossfire Hurricane wasn’t the only plot they hatched to destroy Trump. Even before the ink was dry on the newspapers declaring his victory in 2016, strategies were being put in place to use this same legal system as one of four tactics to harass, delegitimize, and — if possible — impeach or even arrest Trump. We know this because Media Matters put it into a document we frequently reference that they called Media Matters War Plan 2017, and the language in that plan specifically referenced ‘President-Elect’ Trump.

His enemies aren’t going to stop trying to destroy him now just because he is no longer in the White House. Now the DOJ is being used to harass Trump over his taxes. Maybe Biden learned that trick from how Obama weaponized the IRS to violate the rights of his political enemies in the Tea Party movement.

To recap, here’s how that story played out…

And here is Biden’s IRS already caught pulling the same kind of crap…
IRS Denies Texas Christian Group Charitable Status Because They Are ‘Too Partisan’

Clearly, the ‘deep state’ is quite happy to use government resources to act as the enforcement arm of the Democrat party. And they are playing the same game with Trump’s taxes.

Trump has spent the last few years enduring an endless series of investigations in which — on just one of those occasions — tens of millions of dollars were sunk into a highly motivated criminal investigation trying to prove some financial or other connection between Trump and foreign entities. If they had even the flimsiest example of wrongdoing it would have been magnified to the most damning possible framing. But they came up empty.

For all that, the Democrat-led Congress still wants their pound of flesh. And the DOJ is happy to give it to them… so long as the courts don’t tell them they do not have the power to do so.

A federal judge is giving former President Donald Trump time to challenge a Department of Justice order that said the IRS must surrender his income tax returns to Congress.

U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Columbia Trevor McFadden said that Trump and his lawyers have until Wednesday to issue a response.

Neither Trump nor his lawyers have said if they will challenge Friday’s order.

On Friday, the Department of Justice said that the former president’s tax returns must be released by the IRS to Congress, a reversal from its position held during the Trump administration.

The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel said in a 39-page opinion that the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee had made a request with a legitimate legislative purpose to see Trump’s tax returns, with a stated objective of assessing how the IRS audits presidents’ tax returns. — CNBC

This is the same DOJ that is calling off an investigation into an alleged Chinese spy.

The U.S. attorney for Indiana’s southern district alleged Zhao Kaikai lied on his 2018 visa application to enter the United States and study at IU. Zhao, who is no longer listed as an IU student, was pursuing a doctorate in informatics and studying artificial intelligence.

Arrested in July 2020, Zhao was indicted on charges of lying on his visa and for lying to federal investigators about his service in the Chinese military. A day prior to his arrest, federal agents observed Zhao meeting with officials from the Chinese consulate in Chicago at a Bloomington park. Investigators suggested Zhao was part of Chinese government efforts to funnel intellectual property and technology from American universities to China.

Zhao is one of a group of Chinese researchers whose charges were dropped by the Department of Justice. In a statement, Wyn Hornbuckle, DOJ deputy director of public affairs, said, “Recent developments in a handful of cases involving defendants with alleged, undisclosed ties to the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China … have prompted the Department to re-evaluate these prosecutions, and we have determined that it is now in the interest of justice to dismiss them.” —AmericanMilitaryNews

Didn’t a Chinese professor BRAG about the kind of influence China would have with Trump out and Joe in? Why yes they did. Wouldn’t you know it, he seems to have been pretty accurate! What could possibly account for that? Did A Chinese Professor’s Speech Expose Massive Chinese Corruption And Influence In America? (VIDEO)

Here’s the cherry on top.

Trump’s businesses have been put under the same microscope as Trump himself has — for obvious reasons. That included the property he owned in Chicago, where they actually DID find a problem.

Trump was found to have OVERPAID his taxes by more than a million dollars.

And Chicago? They are fighting hard NOT to refund him his overpayment.

An Illinois tax agency has ruled that former President Donald Trump is due a $1 million refund on the 2011 tax bill for his downtown Chicago skyscraper, but local officials are trying to block the refund.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that at issue is the Cook County Board of Review’s estimation of the value of the the Trump International Hotel & Tower’s rooms and retail space. In June, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board voted 5-0 to reduce the assessment on the building’s commercial property.

The vote means that Trump is owed $1.03 million, money that would come out of the property taxes due the city of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools and several other government agencies. The Cook County State’s Attorney is disputing the refund and has filed a lawsuit with the Illinois Appellate Court in the hopes of blocking it. — ABCNews

Oh, the irony.

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