IMMIGRATION INSANITY: Biden Offering Illegal Immigrants THIS Taxpayer-funded Benefit Not Available To Citizens

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2021

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It’s only money, we can just print more, right? The way his government is spending on everything but national security and border enforcement, it sure looks like Joe THINKS that’s how it works.

Joe is super-stoked to roll out the red carpet to new immigrants — so long as they don’t come from Cuba. It doesn’t matter much to him that the path he has opened means the illegals have to sell their souls to criminal cartels — and often their bodies. It doesn’t matter that dozens have dropped dead along the way. It doesn’t matter that drug deaths are spiking. He cares about creating a pool of people to whom he can offer amnesty in exchange for the promise of painting the whole country blue forever.

Forget about any reports of a shockingly high rate of COVID-19 that is being carried across the border with them and seeded into God alone knows what parts of the country they are being ferried to in the dead of night.

But all of that isn’t nearly enough of a burden for the taxpayer to carry. Joe wants you to take on even more.

The Biden administration aims to spend millions of dollars to cover the cost of lawyers for migrants who have illegally entered the country, a prospect that has infuriated immigration restrictionists.

President Joe Biden proposed in his immigration plan released this week that Congress should make available $15 million to cover the costs of private lawyers for “families and vulnerable individuals,” with another $23 million to cover legal orientation programs administered by the Justice Department. The proposal, first outlined in Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget, is the first time that an administration has proposed covering such an expense, and the White House has not shared additional information.

The $15 million in funding would only be enough to cover several thousand people, according to a study from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Immigration lawyers charge between $150 and $300 per hour.

Supposedly this money is supposed to help ‘families’… which is a phrase with an especially subjective and elastic definition. One that could be widened as needed as the goalposts keep shifting.

Which party’s friends would be pocketing said $150-$300 per hour of taxpayer largesse, do you suppose? Quite the nice little slush fund this mushrooming cottage industry of immigration lawyers turns out to be for Democrat fortunes, isn’t it? Not that it was small before, but we’re at what, a million new people in the pipeline, and counting? We’re talking real money.

And if they can filter that money from taxpayer dollars? That harnesses red voter money for blue causes. That’s one of their favorite games. We already see it in the Teachers’ unions. But the more the merrier, right?

Ries and Arthur, a resident fellow in law and policy for the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, a group that advocates for tighter restrictions on immigration, pointed to a passage in the Immigration Nationality Act that they said bars the government from spending its own money on legal representation in immigration proceedings.

Section 292 of the law states that “in any removal proceedings before an immigration judge and in any appeal proceedings before the Attorney General from any such removal proceedings, the person concerned shall have the privilege of being represented (at no expense to the Government) by such counsel, authorized to practice in such proceedings, as he shall choose.”

“An alien should pay for their own counsel, or there are many, many pro bono organizations and advocacy organizations that can represent them. The American taxpayer should not be paying for an attorney for someone who is removable,” said Ries.

Ries and Arthur said it would not be fair to provide lawyers for people in immigration cases, which are civil matters, because U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents do not receive taxpayer-funded legal representation if they are the defendant in other civil matters, such as divorces or rent disputes. — Washington Examiner

So let’s get this straight.

If you show up in America unannounced, in explicit violation of US law, deliberately bypassing lawful ports of entry to do so, you get rewarded with the sort of inclusion into the country that was explicitly denied Cubans fleeing a tyrannical government looking for legitimate and justifiable political asylum.

Once you are here, you are given mobility rights that are less intrusive than what American citizens experience — including security requirements while traveling on a plane, or freedom of movement while showing symptoms of COVID… and food and shelter will be provided at the public’s expense to the tune of millions of dollars when many of our own veterans are suffering homelessness.

And legal counsel that would ordinarily be paid at the personal expense of any citizen will be provided to these illegal immigrants from the taxpayer’s coffers.

And all of this is happening NOT because any new law was passed by Congress, but because a decision was made by Joe Biden and his pen that the law as written will not be enforced, and construction of the wall will be halted.

Is there anyone left among the Democrats honest enough to say this seems like it could be a bad idea? Anyone at all?

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