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Capitol Cop Who Shot And Killed Ashli Babbitt Exonerated After Internal Investigation — Still Hasn’t Been Named

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The officer claims that it was necessary to shoot Babbitt, an unarmed veteran, “in self-defense or in defense of the Members of Congress and others evacuating the House Chamber.”

The leftwing Corporate Media is still trying to frame January 6 as a “deadly insurrection” while downplaying that an unarmed rioter was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer.

It’s unbelievable that this officer has not been identified after shooting and killing an unarmed 35-year old woman inside the Capitol Building.

The Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt outside a door of the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot has been formally exonerated after an internal investigation, according to a department memo obtained by NBC News.

The officer, whose name has not been released, opened fire on Babbitt as she and a mob of other Trump supporters tried to forcefully enter the Capitol.

Video of the shooting showed Babbitt in front of a crowd of rioters trying to get through a door leading to where members of Congress were being evacuated on the House side of the building.

The Justice Department announced in April that no charges were being brought against the officer. The exoneration by the Capitol Police wraps up the last remaining investigation into the incident.

A memo from the commander of the Capitol Police’s Office of Personal Responsibility says “no further action will be taken in this matter” after the officer was exonerated for use of force.

Source: NBC News

In June, Ashli Babbitt’s family sued to identify the officer that shot and killed Babbitt along with video footage of the shooting, witness statements, and documents gathered by the Metropolitan Police Department in their investigation.

The lawsuit was filed after the Department of Justice announced that it would not pursue criminal charges of the officer involved and the MPD failed to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records relating to the shooting filed by Ashli’s husband, Aaron Babbitt.

Ashli’s family is also planning on filing a $10 million lawsuit against the Capitol Police claiming that the officer gave no verbal warning and it was an “ambush” shooting.

Mark Shamel, the attorney for the still-unidentified officer, disputes the claim that Babbitt wasn’t warned before the officer shot her.

“It’s a false narrative that he issued no verbal commands or warnings,” Schamel said. “He was screaming, ‘Stay back! Stay back! Don’t come in here!’”

Shamel claims that the officer cannot be heard because the video was taken on the side with the rioters who were making a lot of noise. He also said that his client couldn’t be seen or heard on the video speaking because he was wearing a mask as part of the COVID-19 safety protocols and it may have muffled his voice.

While some people on the side where the video was captured can be heard yelling, “There’s a gun!” and “He’s got a gun!” it’s unclear if the officer indicated that he would open fire if his commands were not obeyed.

Shamel also thinks his client is a “hero.”

“There should be a training video on how he handled that situation. What he did was unbelievable heroism,” Shamel told Real Clear Investigations.

This exoneration comes as the “deadly insurrection” narrative continues to fall apart.

‘SCANT EVIDENCE’: New Report From FBI Blows Left’s ‘Insurrection’ Narrative Straight To Hell

In the incredibly slanted NBC News report, it states that “Babbitt was one of five people, including a Capitol Police officer, to die as a result of the riot.”

That is such a completely disingenuous framing of events.

In April, the cause of death was reported for four of the five people that died during the January 6 riot — Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol police officer, two died from heart attacks, and one was a drug overdose. The cause of death of the Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick had not yet been released.

It has now been widely reported in right-wing media outlets that Officer Sicknick died on January 7 from natural causes, but the leftwing Corporate Media refuses to include that information. According to Sicknick’s brother, Officer Sicknick had texted his family on January 6 saying that he had been pepper-sprayed twice during the riot, but was “in good spirits.” He later went to the hospital where they found a blood clot and he died of a stroke.

The Corporate Media wants people to believe that Officer Sicknick died because a Trump supporter hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher. That is a false narrative that has been corrected, but as usual, the correction doesn’t get the same traction as the original story.

Very convenient for the Partisan Presstitutes.

An unarmed woman has died and the officer involved is still unnamed and has been exonerated despite some real red flags.

Do you think that if this had been someone shot during the “Disrupt J20” in 2017 it would have been handled the same way?

Yes, it’s trite to continue to ask questions like that — but it’s true.

The officer-involved shooting death of Ashli Babbitt doesn’t matter because of her political affiliation. That has been made abundantly clear.

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