DEFUND THE UN: Look Which Terrorist Group Is About Get A Say In Women’s Rights

Written by Wes Walker on August 25, 2021

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Paging all those protesters with their silly pink hats — when can we expect to see your angry demonstrations in front of the UN building?

Before we tell you the warm welcome with with which the UN is expected to embrace the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, let’s all remember what exactly we mean when we say ‘Taliban’.

We’ve already heard that the Taliban are taking some nasty liberties with Afghani women and girls. This was published in July, before the Taliban had declared victory in Afghanistan.

Having captured key districts and border posts with Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the Taliban are now hunting for women in these areas. “All imams and mullahs in captured areas should provide the Taliban with a list of girls above 15 and widows under 45 to be married to Taliban fighters,” read a letter issued in the name of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission for Islamic preachers in the region. The Taliban has promised to marry these women to their fighters and take them to Pakistan’s Waziristan. There, these women will be converted to Islam and reintegrated.

Is anyone talking about the consent of the women involved? No. They are just getting a list of women who belong to the preferred age bracket – the reproductive age bracket, to be precise – and will take them as “wives,” or so they say.

…The children from the previous marriage are not spared, either. The girls, as young as four years old, are sold off to other jihadis to carry the legacy of her sex slave mother. Young boys are trained in operating weapons, taking off heads, and grow up as they succeed this generation of jihadis.

Speaking to Reuters, a 26-year-old widowed sex slave said, “They (Taliban) plan to send both of my sons to Pakistan to participate in jihad… They take my elder son for religious indoctrination and training to become a militant like his father.” The local government extends no help to rescue these sex slaves caught in a precarious position and compelled to spend their lives as sex slaves. Their children have no way out of this vicious trap, either. And that’s how jihad begets jihad.–JihadWatch

We’re seeing that plan play out, as mainstream news outlets have reported similar stories.

THE Taliban are “going to door to door” to round up young girls to be “sex slaves” to fighters in the terror group, reports claim.

An inside source suggests that Taliban leaders are attempting to kidnap and forcedly marry women after after local leaders in Afghanistan were asked to present a list of those aged 12 to 45 last month. —Sun

There is even a death warrant on one woman who fled from her Taliban husband, once she learned about his terrorist ties…

Days after taking complete control of war-torn Afghanistan, the Taliban took on Wednesday issued a public death decree to an Afghan woman, who had left the country four years ago and is currently settled in India. She had divorced her husband after she found that he was allegedly an active member of the Taliban. At present, Hayat (name changed) lives in New Delhi along with her two daughters. However, her other two daughters have allegedly been sold by her husband to the Taliban. –India

Afghani professional women face particular danger…

…Women who have worked in government and the media, in particular, say they now live in fear of retribution as the Taliban send gunmen to search for people who have spoken out against them in the past. At least one women’s rights advocate has disappeared from her home in the western city of Herat, sources there have said. Her whereabouts are unknown. “Most women who were working in government or for the international community, or in non-government organisations did so with an anti-Taliban mindset and now they fear revenge, not just against themselves but also against their families,” said Munera Yousufzada, Afghanistan’s former deputy defence minister. —Standard

Hardly the sort of people most liberal colleges would want overseeing their gender policy, right?

The Taliban, who have a notorious history of oppression and violence toward women, are poised to seat a representative on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women should they form a recognized Afghan government, a former U.N. ambassador says.

After a swift takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban terror group, as well as deposed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s escape to the United Arab Emirates, the future of Afghanistan’s leadership, and by extent its representation in global organizations, is uncertain, says John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

“You have a new crew that comes in, and the U.N. has to decide, ‘Do we accept the credentials of a new ambassador?'” Bolton told the Washington Examiner Tuesday. “It’s certainly possible to challenge that and deny them a seat. You can say they’re not legitimate.” — WashingtonExaminer