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DEMS Celebrate CDC Exercising Extra-legal Authority That SCOTUS Said Does Not Exist

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Is America headed for a recession?

The ‘Democrats are lying hypocrites’ story is already getting old, but the facts are as relevant as ever, so here we go again… this time it’s the eviction moratorium.

Just days ago, the White House acknowledged that SCOTUS had told them that this administration lacked authority to extend the moratorium on evictions of renters until after Congress has passed actual legislation to justify that policy in law.

It had something to do with America being a Constitutional Republic and not a monarchy where a king can rule by fiat. This problem didn’t exactly blindside them. They had more than a month to wrestle with a solution.

But Democrats had other priorities, which almost certainly involved throwing a lot of pork around in blue districts, and the red districts of anyone claiming to act in the name of partisanship. Then, at the last possible moment, they began to care about the fact that the eviction protection was set to lapse on August 1. They weren’t able to solve the problem.

So Democrats who sat on their hands for the last month made a big show about ‘caring’ about the people who would suffer from evictions. (No mention was made of the impact of such policies on landlords who entered into these legally binding rental contracts in good faith, but couldn’t pay their own bills because tenants are stiffing them, nor any mention of how many corporations are waiting in the wings to scoop up these rental properties for a song because they can afford to absorb those kinds of losses.)

So the party that demonizes private property is at it again, and Pelosi used — what else — the excuse of the latest strain of the virus to justify yet another government overreach that even the courts had said they have no legal power to invoke.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leaders on Sunday called on the Biden administration to immediately extend the nation’s eviction moratorium, calling it a “moral imperative” to prevent Americans from being put out of their homes during a COVID-19 surge.
An estimated 3.6 billion Americans are at risk of eviction, some as soon as Monday.

Congress was unable to pass legislation swiftly to extend the ban, which expired at midnight Saturday, and the Democratic leaders said in a statement that it was now up to President Joe Biden’s administration to act. They called on the administration to extend the moratorium through Oct. 18.

“Action is needed, and it must come from the Administration,” Pelosi said in the statement signed by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Whip James E. Clyburn and Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark. “Science and reason demand that they must also extend the moratorium in light of the delta variant. Doing so is a moral imperative.” –NPR

Isn’t it interesting how frequently political acts that cannot be remotely justified by the plain reading of Constitutional powers as stated in law are cloaked in the language of ‘moral imperatives’? If this were a poker game, you might think that was their ‘tell’.

Right on cue, the CDC which is we are assured (by Democrats) is purely scientific in nature, and not just another a defacto servant of the Democrat party agenda has jumped in to do what Joe Biden could not.

Despite the fact that the CDC’s last memo said explicitly that the one in June would be their final such moratorium…

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has signed an extension to the eviction moratorium further preventing the eviction of tenants who are unable to make rental payments. The moratorium that was scheduled to expire on June 30, 2021 is now extended through July 31, 2021 and this is intended to be the final extension of the moratorium.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a historic threat to the nation’s public health. Keeping people in their homes and out of crowded or congregate settings — like homeless shelters — by preventing evictions is a key step in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Joe Biden didn’t directly tell the CDC what to do — or so he says — but they sure did do something a lot like what he called on them to do. Even Joe wasn’t sure that this order was on solid legal footing. We know that because he admitted it.

But that won’t stop them from using that cloak of morality as an end-run around lawful restrictions on government powers to justify anything this administration thinks is worth doing… or in his words ‘worth the effort’.

Under heavy pressure from progressive Democrats to extend the eviction moratorium as millions of Americans faced being forced out of their homes, President Joe Biden on Tuesday said his administration would announce a new “safety valve” action.

Shortly afterward, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order barring evictions for 60 days in counties with “substantial and high levels” of community transmission.

…Earlier, Biden told reporters that what he hoped would be a “new moratorium” from the CDC would cover about 90% of renters, although he quickly added, “I didn’t tell them what they had to do.”

At the same time, Biden said that he isn’t sure if the new moratorium would pass constitutional muster and expects legal challenges, but he said that some scholars he consulted think “it’s worth the effort.” —ABC

This new ‘moratorium’ takes us to October.

Here are two stories where they were far less concerned about the moral implications of their power. The first concerns a foster family who was evicted to make room for the flood of migrants, the second was the disconnect between the CDC’s authority over American citizens versus their ‘inability’ to make similar pronouncements denying the massive introduction of a population of foreigners with as much as a 10% COVID infection rate into parts unknown of America.

WTF? Foster Family Kicked Out Of Their Home To House ‘Unaccompanied Migrant’ Children

If The CDC Director Can Stop Evictions For Public Health Reasons, Can She Stop Catch And Release At The Border?

Curiously selective, that moral outrage of theirs. Don’t you think?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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