DeSantis Blasts Biden, ‘Get The Border Secure And Until You Do That, I Don’t Want To Hear A Blip About COVID From You’

Written by K. Walker on August 5, 2021

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit back at President Biden for implying that he didn’t want to control the pandemic.

On Tuesday, President Biden dropped the gauntlet by singling out Texas and Florida governors and blaming them for the spike in coronavirus cases. There was no mention of Democrat-run California which is also seeing a rise in case counts despite doing all of the things that the Biden-Harris administration insists must be done to “stop the spread” of SARS-CoV-2.

The President scolding red states for the rise in cases of the coronavirus while the southern border remains wide open to anyone who wants to enter illegally is disingenuous and patently stupid.

Let’s be frank here, while most leaders all over the world made many, many, mistakes during this pandemic, Governor Ron DeSantis read the reports, listened to scientists, and took a different path of “targeted protection” of those who were the most at risk. For that, he has been vilified endlessly in the media while Democrat governors whose policies actually added thousands to the death toll were lauded for “taking the pandemic seriously.”

MEDIA BIAS: New York’s Cuomo Has Been Lauded While Florida’s DeSantis Has Been Vilified

Since March 2020, DeSantis has been criticized for not wanting to shut down the state. His vaccine roll-out targeted the most vulnerable with tremendous success.

Governor Ron DeSantis wasn’t going to take that. Let’s not forget that Joe Biden said that New York Governor Andrew “Grandma Killer” Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic was the “gold standard” among governors.

DeSantis rips Biden for blaming red state governors while the southern border remains open and COVID-positive economic migrants are flooding in and being sent all over the country without being quarantined.

On Wednesday night, DeSantis appeared on Fox News and continued his criticism of Biden. He said that many of these migrants have expressed a desire to be sent to Florida, and we know that the Biden-Harris administration has been shuttling these illegal border crossers all over the country.

On “The Ingraham Angle”, DeSantis said Biden is being disingenuous in blaming conservative governors who have refused to engage in widespread socioeconomic restrictions in regard to COVID mitigation, because the president continues to allow throngs of COVID-infected migrants to surge into Texas and in several cases be flown or bused to many states across the country – often without notifying local authorities in their final destinations.

DeSantis told host Laura Ingraham that some of the migrants crossing into Texas have explicitly expressed a desire to travel to Florida, which he said is unacceptable. He added that he like other governors are not being told when illegal immigrants are being transported, often on taxpayers’ dime, to his state:

“They don’t tell us. We try to do investigations. Sometimes we have gotten some documents and put 2 and 2 together. They do fly in…unaccompanied minors and a lot of military age males coming through the border,” he said. “You have law enforcement there helping Governor Abbott. They said of the illegal border crossers they come in contact with, a majority of them want to end up in Florida. We are working on strategies to be able to deter that.”

DeSantis said the issues in America under Biden transcend the pandemic, but intrinsically endanger national security.
Source: Fox News

DeSantis tears into Biden for his hypocrisy regarding the pandemic and debunks some of the hair-on-fire hysteria about what exactly is going on in Florida hospitals. He also said that with thousands crossing daily, “every COVID variant on this planet” is coming through the southern border.

Governor DeSantis is absolutely right — Biden can’t demand that Americans have their freedoms restricted while opening the southern border to illegal migrants and seeding COVID cases all over the United States.

If he really wants to control the spread of the coronavirus, then Biden needs to secure the border, period.

And until that happens, I’m with DeSantis — “not a blip” from Biden on restrictions, masks, vaccines, or lockdowns.

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