HEY RED CROSS: What’s The Deal With Your Brochures On How To Break US Immigration Laws?

Written by Wes Walker on August 18, 2021

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Why would an agency so famous for providing disaster relief for natural disasters be coaching people to take a journey that could leave them indebted to a cartel, raped, or dead of exposure?

By giving out brochures teaching so-called ‘migrants’ how to flaunt the US immigration system and sneak into the country, that is the explicit endorsement of illegal activity. Such an endorsement could not only endanger American citizens, would-be illegal immigrants, all the people harmed by an enriched Criminal Cartel — but possibly the charitable organization itself.

Let’s get into the evidence before we see how that could boomerang back on the Red Cross.

According to The Epoch Times, while one of those countless illegal immigrants were trekking across private rancher’s properties in Texas, a surprising brochure fell out of a traveler’s backpack.

The rancher lives about 50 miles from the Texas border. So this is probably one of the ‘got-aways’ that don’t even get the token acts of security enforcement that Biden’s administration pretends to maintain at the border.

The pamphlet crosses a line beyond providing life-saving information to facilitating illegal immigration, according to Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies.

“It’s practically a road map or a TripTech for an illegal migrant,” she told The Epoch Times. “It’s one thing to give out water to migrants. It’s quite another thing to help them migrate illegally—and breach the sovereignty of a border.”

…It warns against getting on or off a train when it’s moving or wet, but then advises: “If you do get off a train when it’s moving, keep running so that others don’t fall on top of you,” and “Try not to get on a train if you haven’t eaten or rested. You may fall off if you are sleepy.”

…The map also highlights Red Cross shelters in Mexico and other places that are run by religious organizations, such as the Good Samaritan House in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Catholic Charities in Tucson, Arizona.

Vaughan said that, rather than being a “benign underground railroad-type of exercise,” the pamphlet is “enticing criminal behavior that is also very, very dangerous and illegal.” —TheEpochTimes

They are endorsing the practice of stowing away on freight trains. They are giving advice on how to navigate jungles, work border officials, and find medical aid.

Freight trains, you say? Here’s a news story our government put out earlier this year.

CBP Notes Uptick In Dangerous Illegal Immigration Attempts On Trains
Release Date: April 26, 2021
EL PASO, TEXAS – It is happening almost every time CBP officers in El Paso process an arriving freight train from Mexico. Migrants are discovered attempting to use the railroad system to enter the country undetected.

It’s almost as if someone tipped them off to how that trick could be exploited by illegal immigrants.

Encouraging this attempt is a bad idea, and not just because it’s a flagrant violation of American law. It’s insanely dangerous.

The criminal cartels want a cut of everyone crossing illegally. Babies have been thrown into the river just to distract customs officials long enough to make an escape. Sick or injured people are often left for dead in the trackless wilderness if they can’t keep up. Besides all that, COVID is running rampant among illegal immigrants making the trek.

Plenty of real harm is being done in the course of this attempt. Harm To these illegal immigrants as well as harm FROM these illegal immigrants upon Americans.

What happens if people who have suffered any of a variety of negative impacts from the enormous surge in illegal immigration realize that the Red Cross has been complicit in helping it happen? Could that have any impact on donations?

Or, if they don’t care about the impact on US citizens — what about people who have suffered legally actionable damages from the activities of illegal aliens?

What does the management at Red Cross suppose would happen if a brochure like this one comes up as evidence presented to name the Red Cross as a co-defendant in a class-action suit by Americans whose lives have been turned upside down by Biden’s Broken Border?

What about the women, girls, and boys who have wound up trafficked or raped? Would Red Cross want to be on the wrong side of a legal, financial or reputational firestorm of a case by victims of sexual abuse?

Is that kind of risk really worth the gains that come from telling people how to break immigration law?

Or, even simpler — what if your endorsement of criminal acts leads to your tax-exempt status being questioned? Canada, you remember, stripped the Red Cross of the right to run a Blood Bank after a tainted blood scandal decades ago. What do you suppose happens to the Red Cross if they are named as a co-defendant in a case like this?

Some of the other charities throwing their support behind illegal immigration might want to consider asking themselves the same question… particularly the ones named in the Red Cross’s own brochure. A few CEOs might want to have some urgent conversations with their respective legal departments — just in case.

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