If FAUCI & BIDEN Blame Viral Spread On The Unvaccinated … Can They Explain This CDC Report?

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2021

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So who is spreading the misinformation this time, Joe… is it you and Fauci or is it the CDC? You can’t both be right.’

We have been told in the most serious and solemn tones that people who have not yet been vaccinated are a grave threat to the country. They will be responsible for another lockdown. They are probably plotting to kill your grandmother with a virus as we speak.

We’re getting all the usual apocalyptic rhetoric that they like to drop on us when they want something from us.

We get it. You have browbeaten us with the scolding long enough. The Biden administration’s message has been received loud and clear — people who have been vaccinated are the brave and heroic friends of the nation while those who don’t are something you would rather not step in. Yeah, yeah, message received.

We have just one question about that.

If the great unwashed among us who haven’t bothered with a vaccine are such very bad, horrible, no good people, and only unvaccinated people are responsible for the spread of this virus, how is it possible that the vaunted CDC has released a study about a ‘superspreader’ event in Massachusetts where the ‘noble’ people have been doing the heavy lifting in spreading the virus?

First, there was the awkward and embarrassing story of that infected planeload of runaway Democrats bringing their bug to DC. Now this?

A few more stories like this could threaten the whole narrative!

This study is right there on a CDC letterhead and everything!

This five-page document is publishing their findings about, as the headline suggests, a public gathering from Barnstable County Massachusetts.

During July 2021, 469 cases of COVID-19 associated with multiple summer events and large public gatherings in a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, were identified among Massachusetts residents; vaccination coverage among eligible Massachusetts residents was 69%. Approximately three quarters (346; 74%) of cases occurred in fully vaccinated persons (those who had completed a 2-dose course of mRNA vaccine [Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna] or had received a single dose of Janssen [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine ≥14 days before exposure).

In plain English — 469 people in Barnstable county got sick with the CCP virus. More specifically, the ‘Delta’ variant. Something like 70% of local residents have been fully vaccinated.

Of those 469 cases, 346 (or 74%) of the infections were detected among fully-vaccinated people.

As for cases with symptoms, the report states: ‘274 (79%) vaccinated patients with breakthrough infection were symptomatic.’

There were a total of 5 cases serious enough to warrant hospitalization. Four of the five were vaccinated, only one was not.

One hospitalized patient (age range = 50–59 years) was not vaccinated and had multiple underlying medical conditions. Four additional, fully vaccinated patients aged 20–70 years were also hospitalized, two of whom had underlying medical conditions

Zero deaths were reported, vaccinated or otherwise as of the time this report was drafted on July 27th.

So 3 of the 5 that have been hospitalized have the comorbidities we have known about all along. So not exactly a man-bites-dog story there then.

What else do they have to say?

The venues where transmission is believed to have occurred are listed as:

Persons with COVID-19 reported attending densely packed indoor and outdoor events at venues that included bars, restaurants, guest houses, and rental homes.

If we weren’t already being pre-conditioned to look at every statistic through a lens of panic, an impartial observer might actually look at this with some optimism.

We have some 500 or so cases, with only 5 hospitalizations — that’s only 1%.

Of those 5 hospitalizations — only two didn’t have any reported underlying conditions that make people especially vulnerable.

None of those 5 hospitalizations resulted — to our knowledge — in a fatality.

Comparing this to where we were a year ago, anyone other than a cynic would be popping corks at this point.

It’s probably unrealistic to expect ‘zero’ deaths any time soon — even the flu kills tens of thousands a year. But if a breakout of 500 people can get by with a 1% hospitalization rate, and it is still being reported as bad news, you might want to start asking why they still insist on framing this as a bad news story.

Is it about the control? It a convenient political distraction while elected officials bankrupt the country and gut all of our institutions? Is it something else?

Have another theory? Let us know in the comments.

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