CRACKDOWN: Here’s What CCP Schools Have In Common With Ours

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2021

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China’s Communist Party is flexing its will over control of their children … does this sound familiar?

Larry Lindsey was on Maria Bartiromo’s show to talk about his new book about China, and some of his insights on what’s going on there. And the timing was good considering the massive crackdown China just made on private tutors.

Starting from around the one-minute mark…

‘What Xi is all about is control. His predecessors tended to focus on wealth creation, that’s not what he’s interested in. He wants to assure the dominance of the Communist Party and — oh, by the way — himself as head of the Communist party.

For example, on the education crackdown, Chinese parents, like parents throughout the world, want their kids to get ahead. They hire private tutors in order to do so. But, if you’re the Chinese State, you don’t want the independent private tutors telling the kids what to think, you want the state schools to do so.

And so what they did is they said you can’t do private tutoring for profit, which really means that large companies can’t get involved. You had US and foreign investment in those companies, which made them almost subversive in the eyes of Xi, so he simply banned foreign investment and banned profit-making in the tutoring industry. Again, it’s about control. That’s what he was driving at.

MARIA: Well control, and also overtaking the United States as the number one superpower in the world, how real is this threat?

LARRY: Oh, oh, it’s, it’s quite real. I mean he’s stated it. You can go back and look at his speeches over the last three years. The most recent that I urge people to read is his speech celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. And what he talks about is first of all the need for the Communist Party to lead China, and secondly, it’s revenge for what he calls the deep humiliation China suffered at the hands of the West in the last 150 years.

MARIA: As part of that speech, Larry, he said that anyone challenges the CCP will have their heads mushed to dust… smashed to dust.

They cut for a break, after which they have a blunt conversation about the real risks incurred by anyone investing in Chinese companies… starting with the example of Jack Ma.

Actually Maria doesn’t even express that speech in harsh enough terms. Here is the ‘official’ (ie: sanitized) transcript. Memri points out some of the less-than-subtle changes in the official transcript to soften it from the speech as he actually gave it to his Chinese-speaking audience.

Oh — and Xi even explicitly announced in that speech that he will ‘liberate’ Taiwan, whether they like it or not. You know, just like Hitler did for Poland. And China has also threatened to nuke Japan if they so much as lift a finger to stop them.

Does any of what China just did with children sound familiar?

Proud parents want their kids to do well in school, so they bring in tutors to give their kid a leg up on the student he’s competing against. Xi doesn’t approve of these foreign tutors. Given a choice between the children’s educational success, and the political advantage of the Communist Party, he chooses the party, blocking parents from using these tutors.

Don’t we see the same political games played in American school systems?

Charter schools, and other school choice options, have been shown to help students of even the most modest of economic backgrounds finally break the cycle of poverty and launch into the broader job market.

Instead, Democrats, deeply indebted to Teachers’ Union dollars and activism, roundly oppose anything that would hurt their power base. So they align against the school choice initiatives, dooming children in failing school districts to attend schools with dismal ‘success’ stories like this one:

‘Within the Baltimore City Public Schools, 13 percent of fourth-graders tested at or above proficient in reading in 2019, the same as in 2017. Eighth-grade scores improved slightly, with 15 percent of students at or above proficiency this year compared to 13 percent in 2017.’ —Baltimore Sun, 2019

This stat is taken at random from a 2019 story that could just as easily have been pulled from any number of other failing cities. Since it’s 2019, you can’t blame the pandemic for those numbers. It’s a systemic failure, one that Democrats could solve, but not without undercutting a major political power base.

Given the choice between party and the people they are elected to represent? Well, with a 13% 4th grade literacy proficiency rate, the results speak for themselves.

Maria isn’t shy about bringing up the tough subjects. Too bad we don’t have more like her.

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