PAPERS, PLEASE: Armed Paris Police Patrol Outdoor Cafés To Check Vaccine Passports (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on August 10, 2021

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French Police are now enforcing the country’s controversial “health pass” in public settings. It’s reminiscent of a 20th Century authoritarian regime that asked for people to show their “papers.”

Back in April 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron said, “The Health Pass will never be a right of access that discriminates among the French. It cannot be made compulsory for access to everyday places.”

That was then.

Fast forward to July with the threat of a “Fourth Wave” of COVID because of The Delta Variant™ and Macron’s “Pass Sanitaire” (“Health Pass”) will be required in order to have fun.

The “Health Pass” or a negative COVID test will be required before someone can enter restaurants, bars, cinemas, attend cultural venues such as shows, amusement parks, concerts, or festivals. This includes all employees.

Anyone 12 or older will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to travel long distances both domestically and abroad, enter medical facilities, go to shopping centers, and attend private events with 50 or more people present.

Basically, it’s either get vaccinated or subject yourself to repeated COVID tests. Otherwise, it means no fun for you, and you’ll be fined around $160 U.S. Repeat offenders will face hefty fines of up to $10,500 U.S.

The move didn’t go over well with the French people. There were massive protests all over the country, made up of a variety of people on the political spectrum — the left, the right, and the apolitical all attended united under the banner of “Liberty.” On July 31, around 150 protests occurred all over France with over 237,000 protesters nationwide.

Despite the very Les Misérables moments, the people in the streets shouting “Liberté!” were unable to persuade the COVIDictators that this was a massive encroachment on their freedoms.

From Macron’s perspective, it was a wild success — the purpose of the announcement was to incentivize vaccination, and it worked. Within 24 hours of the announcement of the Health Pass, one million people booked a vaccine online.

The stick worked.

Now, enforcement begins.

Reuters reporter Antony Paone tweeted video of the enforcement that was beginning in Paris over the weekend. Translated, the tweet reads, “The first checks of #Police started as a preventive measure at #Paris in cafes and restaurants where the #PassSanitaire is mandatory as of today. Verbalization of 135 euros from next week, up to 9,000 euros in the event of a repeat offense.”

It’s strange that they’re checking people at outdoor cafés and on terraces.

Reuters also posted a report in English here:

But this new vaccine passport using a QR code and the French “Health Pass” app doesn’t just apply to French residents, all visitors will need to provide proof of vaccination as well.

Here’s how the neighboring Brits are explaining the new rules will work for travelers.

Yeah, that doesn’t look good.

Let’s hope that the French can continue to tap into that same spirit that will fight for liberty.

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