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‘I CHOOSE FREEDOM’: Rand Paul Declares War On COVIDictator Shutdowns In Epic Speech (VIDEO)

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Rand Paul has had enough of Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian streak. ‘You can’t arrest everyone’, he says. And he’s right.

As someone who leans libertarian, he understands that the only way to stop a tyrant — or any other kind of a bully, political or otherwise — is to MAKE them stop.

They only have as much power as we LET them exert. And it’s about time the rest of us stop meekly bowing and scraping to people only interested in the naked use of political power to hurt people with whom they disagree.

It’s easy enough for someone like Nancy to make a threat to cow people into submission. But what happens when she’s told to pound sand? It isn’t as though she obeys her own rules. Even her metal detector rules were selectively enforced against Republicans.

Dems claim to like the power of the people? Rand Paul is ready to show Pelosi what that looks like by openly defying her.

Don’t let the soft-spoken delivery fool you — this here is three minutes of thunder.

They can’t arrest all of us, he says.

He’s right.

And the legislation amendments he is proposing are exactly the kind that will put power back in the hands of the people.

If government departments don’t come back to work in person? Rand Paul will stop EVERY bill with an amendment to cut their funding unless they come back to work in person.

If schools stay closed? Add an amendment for the schools to be defunded and another for parents to have school choice options where the funding follows the kids.

This is what testicular fortitude looks like. It used to be something we expected in our politicians. Sadly, it’s become rarer than diamonds… and far more valuable.

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Wes Walker

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