‘Sweet Migrant’ That Met With Pope Francis In 2016 Set Fire To A Cathedral And Beat A Priest To Death

Written by K. Walker on August 15, 2021

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Pope Francis has been very open about his attempt to legitimize illegal immigration all over the world.

When discussing illegal immigration in America, he has criticized former President Trump for wanting to build the Big Beautiful Border Wall and sent aid to the illegal aliens at the Southern border.

When talking about illegal immigration globally, he’s said that the media should stop using the word “illegal” to describe what he calls “migrants” who are “forced to flee like Jesus.”

In Europe, the Pope has urged convents and monasteries to welcome in refugees and migrants saying, “May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family.” He said that Europeans should welcome migrants and Christians should not fear the “differences” of Muslims. The Pope even said, “There are two parishes in the Vatican, and every parishioner has welcomed a Syrian family.”

The Pope himself was very happy to welcome “migrants” for photo-ops and discuss the tough hand they’ve been dealt. He said that the migrants heading to Europe are “fleeing from war or famine” and the West is “in some ways responsible because we strip their lands for profit.”

When things go wrong with illegal immigrants, we often think of ties to terrorism. That’s not the case here.

As we’ve seen on the southern border, when people enter the country illegally, drugs, crime, and transmissible illnesses also come into the country. No matter what the bleeding hearts “open border” crowd tells you, this is a problem.

There are also other problems that can occur, like this example of a Rwandan refugee who met with Pope Francis in 2016.

Daniel Greenfield writes in FrontPage Magazine:

Pope Francis concluded the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy by inviting thousands of homeless from across Europe to Rome. Many of those homeless were foreign migrants. Among them was Emmanuel Abayisenga, a Rwandan migrant, the son of a man tried for genocide, who had been in France since 2012, and finally got his chance to briefly meet with the Pope.

While reporters brandished telephoto lenses and stood on chairs to capture the moment, Pope Francis clasped Abayisenga’s arms. The Rwandan, toting a Nike backpack and headphones, appears, as local French clergy would later insist, to be, “fully integrated” into Europe.

He was also the model of the “socially deprived” people whom Pope Francis was looking for.

Or so they thought…

The year after meeting with Pope Francis, Abayisenga, an illegal immigrant, began volunteering at the Nantes Cathedral. He became the Church Warden tasked with the locking and unlocking of the historic cathedral.

Abayisenga was supported by the church at every level.

One parishioner said, “He was even the most protected man in Nantes at the ecclesial level: the parish, the Franciscans, the Secours Catholique supported him. Even the former bishop of the diocese, Jean-Paul James, tried to plead his case with the prefect.”

Despite this, Abayisenga was frustrated that his asylum claim had been denied four times, and placed the blame on the church for not doing enough to support him.

Last year the Nantes Cathedral, whose cornerstone had been laid in 1434, began to burn. The Grand Organ, over 400 years old, was destroyed along with historic stained glass windows.

Abayisenga had started two fires near the Grand Organ and a third near an electric panel…

…before the fire, Abayisenga had sent a threatening email complaining that church officials hadn’t done enough for his asylum petitions to allow him to stay in France and suggesting that the cathedral was possessed by a devil that needed to be driven out. Despite that he was allowed to retain his position as a warden, tasked with locking up and unlocking the cathedral.

After the fire, it didn’t take long to figure out who had done it, for the authorities to set him loose, and for the same system harboring illegal refugees to welcome him back again despite what he had done.

Despite being ordered to leave France multiple times, he was permitted to stay while awaiting trial. His lawyer said that Abayisenga “bitterly regretted” setting the fires.

And yet… after he was released into the custody of a Priest, he beat the man to death.

After spending a month at a mental hospital, the cathedral arsonist was released and placed in an abbey under the supervision of Fr. Olivier Maire of the Montfort Missionaries. The Rwandan spent a few months there before Fr. Maire called the police because he had tried to leave.

A few more months went by and then Abayisenga murdered Fr. Maire. The illegal migrant then turned himself in for this latest horrifying crime against those who had kindly sheltered him.

Reports say that the Rwandan illegal alien refugee beat the 60-year-old priest to death.

Abayisenga is back in a psychiatric hospital and French authorities are claiming that nothing could have been done differently despite the four deportation orders for the illegal refugee.

What a mess. It’s easy to blame the Pope and the local church for this, but there’s a whole lot of blame to go around.

Even after the Nantes Cathedral arson, pro-refugee organizations regaled the media with stories about his difficult childhood growing up during the Rwandan genocide (in which his father appears to have been a perpetrator). Yet despite all that, Abayisenga was apparently able to get a college degree and a good job before deciding to head over to France.

French authorities dismissed his claims to being a refugee, but they also failed to remove him.

And the clergy who sheltered him may have had the noblest motives, but failed to exercise even the most basic common sense no matter how obvious the threat that the migrant represented.
There is a good reason why countries have borders and laws. Abayisenga is a reminder of that.
Source: FrontPage Magazine

Illegal immigration is not “humanitarian” despite what the “open borders” advocates say. One thing that isn’t covered enough is that illegal immigration jams up the immigration system and it is patently disrespectful to legal immigrants. There are legal routes for applying for asylum. People should not be permitted to enter a country illegally and not be deported. The cost is too high.

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