TRIGGERED: Runaway Dems File Suit Against Gov Abbott Over Hurt Feelings

Published on August 8, 2021

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Bless their honeysuckle hearts, these clowns supposedly think they are being ‘oppressed’.

Remember those runaway Democrats? The truant Texans who ran from the Lone Star state, for the loving embrace of their buddies in D.C. They even brought a special present to Washington with them — COVID 19.

The flaws in their plan were obvious from the beginning. Denying quorum to block legislation they don’t have the votes to oppose while flying to DC and — even Chris Cuomo could see the hypocrisy — demanding that DC senate democrats kill the filibuster rule.

They made a big show about leaving together on a private jet to prevent legislation from passing. Why is this a problem? Because they were supposed to be in session when they left — in fact, that was WHY they left. Dems did not have the votes to block laws they opposed, so they took their toys and went home, denying quorum.

Of course, if the minority party could play this game any time they wanted to pitch a fit and get their way, nothing would ever get accomplished in politics. So Texas law provides for the law to apprehend any of the no-shows and drag them to the Texas State Capitol to do the damned job the people elected them to do.

Vote for a bill…
Or against it…
Or abstain…
Who cares? Just fricken’ show up already.

But no, these snowflakes think their ‘rights are being violated’. They are anxious and separated from their families. (With the exception of the ones who went vacationing in Portugal, one would suppose.)

On Friday, 22 of the Democrats filed a complaint in federal court in Austin claiming that Republican attempts to bring them home for a special legislative session is a violation of their rights.

The plaintiffs claim they ‘have been deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, [and] suffered much anxiety and distress over the separation from their families.

They also say they have suffered from ‘much discomfort and embarrassment’ because their reputations have been ‘impaired’.

In addition to Abbott, GOP House Speaker Dade Phelan and State Rep. James White are also named as defendants in the suit.

In the suit, the Democrats further allege that they ‘have lost much time from their homes and the companionship and care of their families and have been required to spend substantial sums of money’.

They claim Abbott and the two other defendants have ‘by public statements and otherwise, attempted to deny, coerce, threaten, intimidate, and prevent’ Democrat voters from heading to the polls. —DailyMail

They are super-serious, too. Just look at their demands for compensation — $5 in actual damages and $10 in punitive damages.

Nobody made them leave Texas.
Nobody made them spend money.
Nobody has silenced them, least of all themselves.
They are free to come back at any time and do the job they were elected to do.

Congress is in session, the People’s business needs tending to, and these petulant politicians have gone AWOL. Not surprisingly, the Texas House wasn’t amused by this stunt. In mid-July they responded by exercising some rights of their own to bring the truants back to work if and when they come back to Texas.

The Texas House voted Tuesday to send law enforcement to bring back Democratic legislators who fled the state on chartered jets to block a vote on a GOP elections bill in a political showdown playing out on the national stage.

The 76-4 vote to compel attendance “under warrant of arrest, if necessary” was held shortly after about 60 Democrats failed to appear at the 10 a.m. session, leaving the Republican-controlled chamber short of a quorum with just 80 members, only four of whom were Democrats.

“Make no mistake, this is not about one particular bill, this is political theater by and for Texas Democrats,” said House Speaker Dade Phelan in a Tuesday press conference. “As legislators, it’s our duty to show up and do the people’s work. These Democrats have walked off the job twice now and abandoned their obligation to represent you.” —WashingtonTimes

These Dems are not being threatened with orange jumpsuits, mugshots and leg irons. They are being ‘threatened’ by being escorted by law enforcement entities to their lawful place of employment so they can do their damned jobs.

If they are ‘suffering’ by being apart from their loved ones, that is very easily remedied by getting back on that private plane and showing up for work.

What, did these guys think they were the exception to that ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ rule?

Guess again.

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