U.S. Drone Strike Hits Car With Suicide Bombers Heading To Kabul Airport

Written by K. Walker on August 29, 2021

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The United States has taken out a group of suicide bombers headed to the Kabul airport to inflict more carnage among the crowds of people gathered in desperation to leave Afghanistan.

On Sunday, a drone strike took out a vehicle with “multiple suicide bombers” from ISIS-K that was headed to the airport in Kabul where civilians are gathering outside the gates trying to get in to board the last few evacuation flights before the Taliban’s “red line” date of August 31.

Normally this would be a time to cheer that a carload of Islamofascists that are willing to kill innocent civilians in order to push forward their twisted, evil ideology, have kicked the bucket in the same explosive way that they wanted to inflict on others, but it’s bittersweet, isn’t it?

It’s good that the terrorists have headed straight to hell in a big, fiery ka-boom because of a U.S. drone strike, but it’s enraging because it’s in retaliation for a couple of bombs that the same organization set off on Thursday killing 13 members of the U.S. military and over 150 civilians desperate to escape Taliban rule.

This drone attack follows one on Friday that the Pentagon said took out “2 high-profile ISIS-K targets” in retaliation for the suicide bombing and car bomb at the Kabul airport and nearby hotel on Thursday.

Color me skeptical, but… it seems a bit convenient.

As they say on the internet, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

When Trump ordered a strike that blasted Soleimani into a smear on a tarmac, photos showed the burning wreckage and proof that the terrorist was killed.

Photos Taken By U.S. Special Ops Show Soleimani’s Personal Effects Amid The Burning Wreckage

But we are now supposed to believe this administration that has done nothing but lie about Biden’s bungled withdrawal that they were able to find the “masterminds” of the attack just hours after Biden’s awful speech that is getting tons of bad press?

Biden has blood on his hands, and so does his co-President Kamala that was so desperate to try to claim credit for the withdrawal.

Some of that is the blood of innocent children.

In a separate incident on Sunday, a rocket attack hit a family home in the area northwest of the airport killing a child.

A child was killed today in an explosion in Kabul – as a US drone strike took out a vehicle containing ‘multiple suicide bombers’ driving to the airport just hours after Joe Biden warned of the possibility of another jihadist atrocity following this week’s attack.

Two US officials speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters that American forces launched a strike in the capital city targeting suspected ISIS-K militants who were aiming to attack Hamid Karzai International Airport, where Afghans are trying to flee the Taliban.

A Kabul police chief later claimed that a child had been killed after a rocket struck a house in the Khajeh Baghra area to the north-west of the airport, in what is thought to be a separate incident. Two witnesses said the blast appeared to have been caused by a rocket.

A security official from the recently deposed government told AFP a house was struck. A source at the Afghan Ministry of Health separately told the BBC the blast was near the airport, while two witnesses told Reuters a house north of the airport was struck by a rocket.

There was no official confirmation and no terrorist group immediately claimed the attack. A US official told CBS: ‘We are confident we hit the target we were aiming for. Initial reports indicate there were no civilian casualties.’ The official added that the drone strike caused ‘significant secondary explosions’ indicating the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material in the vehicle.

Mr Biden had previously warned another terror attack on the airport was imminent after an attack at Kabul airport carried out by ISIS-K – an Islamic extremist group operating in the Central Asian country – killed 13 American service personnel and scores of Afghans.

The Pentagon said a US drone mission in eastern Afghanistan killed two members of the so-called Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate early on Saturday in retaliation for the airport bombing, and Mr Biden said the extremists can expect more.
Source: Daily Mail

The Biden-Harris administration wanted credit for the massive evacuation in Afghanistan, but a lot of people saw through that.

Jim Treacher on Twitter summed it up nicely:

Now the Biden-Harris administration wants kudos for killing ISIS-K terrorists that came in when their bungled U.S. withdrawal left the Afghan Security Force without air cover all because the Dementia POTUS wanted a photo op on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

During Biden’s bizarre, weak, tone-deaf blameshifting speech on Thursday, the President said that the United States is committed to going after ISIS-K “in our own time.”

Nice words, but it’s pretty clear that the clock is ticking because the President of the United States has bowed to the deadline set by the Taliban against the will of our allies. Our allies are no longer trusting the United States under Joe Biden. So much for “America’s back.”

The administration is desperate and they still want to be praised for doing the “right” thing after their bungled actions caused absolute chaos, death, and God only knows what’s to come.

Jim Treacher is right. You don’t get to sink the ship and brag about the number of lifeboats.

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