WATCH: Col Phil Waldron Connects Some Serious Dots On What Factors Drove That 2020 Outcome

Written by Wes Walker on August 12, 2021

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It’s one thing to make an outrageous claim that defies conventional wisdom — it’s quite another to tie those claims to specific, verifiable real-world facts that back them up. Decide for yourself which of the two this presentation shows.

While certain military brass are working overtime to understand ‘white rage’, whatever the hell that is supposed to be, others are taking a serious interest in identifying and opposing meaningful threats, as he had sworn to do when he uttered those words, ‘both foreign and domestic’.

Some of the data points referenced in this presentation are the kind of thing that was absolutely ridiculed by the lockstep corporate media — until safely after the election, when Time Magazine bragged about a conspiracy to ‘fortify’ the election… meaning help Joe win.

Some of the data points here give lines of evidence about webs of corporate ownership and control.

Others go on to detail political influence campaigns.

Others still, do the same with financial influence.

Opportunities in which existing technology can be exploited for political advantage are demonstrated and explained on the video.

And in the end, who are the big fish in this story? If you watch it, he’ll show you where he sees those dots leading us.

If he’s right, it takes us in a direction that none of us want to be headed.

Take fifteen minutes and see for yourself if this is as big a deal as he says.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll come away with a lot of things to think about.