Why Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, And Nevada?

Written by Jeff Davidson on August 2, 2021

The Arizona 2020 election audit, vastly impeded by Democrat ploys, will eventually yield the results that we’ve known all along: Trump won. Also, electoral votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Nevada are still in flux, nine months later, contrary to mainstream media reporting.

See No Evil

The blather about the 2020 election was nonstop: Christopher Krebs, dismissed by Donald Trump as director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, asserted in The Washington Post, “The secretaries of state in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, as well officials in Wisconsin, all worked overtime to ensure there was a paper trail that could be audited or recounted by hand, independent of any allegedly hacked software or hardware. That’s why Americans’ confidence in the security of the 2020 election is entirely justified.” Sure thing!

“Paper ballots and post-election checks ensured the accuracy of the count,” Mr. Krebs noted. “Consider Georgia: The state conducted a full hand recount of the presidential election, a first of its kind, and the outcome of the manual count was consistent with the computer-based count. Clearly, the Georgia count was not manipulated, resoundingly debunking claims by the president and his allies.”

Wow. Following the aforementioned video, and in light of 1000+ sworn affidavits collected by Trump campaign lawyers, from eyewitnesses in the six swing states, alleging 11,000 incidents of fraud, Mr. Krebs certainly has chutzpah!

Concentrated Population Centers

Apart from all the squabbles, what makes Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada conducive to election fraud and criminal activity and not, say, Florida, North Carolina, or Ohio? Looking at the population centers of these six states, something unmistakable emerges.

Here are the largest populated cities in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (1,591,800), Pittsburgh (294,860), Allentown (122,623), Erie (94,619), Reading (88,521), Scranton (77,218), Bethlehem (76,370), Lancaster (59,392), Levittown (51,726), and Harrisburg (49,301). Philadelphia’s population outflanks the nine next largest cities combined. By concentrating fraudulent activities in Philadelphia, a political party could swing the state to their candidate.

In Michigan, Detroit/Wayne County has population of 1,749,343, and Oakland County has 1,257,584, versus Macomb (873,972), Kent (656,955), Genesee (405,813),
Washtenaw (367,601), Ingham (292,406), Ottawa (291,830), Kalamazoo (265,066),
and Livingston County (191,995). Detroit/Wayne County, and Oakland County are the premier population centers in the state, hence ripe for election fraud.

In Wisconsin, Milwaukee County with 945,726 people, surpasses all other counties including, Dane County/Madison (546,695), Waukesha (404,198), Brown (264,542), Racine (196,311), Outagamie (187,885), Winnebago (171,907), Kenosha (169,561), Rock (163,354), and Washington (136,034). Flip enough votes in Milwaukee and Dane counties and you flip the entire state.

Here’s More

In Georgia, Atlanta and Fulton County are the most heavily populated with 1,063,937 people, followed by Gwinnett (936,250), Cobb (760,141), DeKalb (759,297), Clayton (292,256), Chatham (289,430), Cherokee (258,773), Forsyth (244,252), Henry (234,561) and Hall (204,441). So, where is the most bang for your fraudulent buck?

In Arizona, traditionally a deep red state, Maricopa County, encompassing Phoenix, has 4,485,414 people, compared to Pima County (1,047,279), Pinal (462,789), Yavapai (235,099), Yuma (213,787), Mohave (212,181), and the rest, each less than 200,000 people. Finagle the vote in Phoenix, and you can flip all of Arizona.

In Nevada, Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, has a population of 2,266,715 which exceeds the population of the other 16 counties combined. Rig the vote count in Clark County to rule the state. www.nevada-demographics.com/counties_by_population

Why Not Florida, Ohio, or North Carolina?

Looking at Florida, Miami-Dade County has 2,751,796 residents, versus the counties of Broward (1,935,878), Palm Beach (1,471,150), Hillsborough (1,381,627), and Orange (1,323,598). In other words, Florida’s population is more balanced, with no true focus for election fraud.

North Carolina works almost the same. Wake County, encompassing Raleigh has 1,111,761 people and Mecklenburg County encompassing Charlotte has 1,110,356. No other counties compare, but overall people are fairly scattered throughout the state.

In Ohio, the balance is more evident. Franklin County, home of Columbus, has a population of 1,310,300 compared to the counties of Cuyahoga/Cleveland (1,243,857), Hamilton/Cincinnati (816,684), Summit (541,918), and Montgomery (532,331). Where could one focus to flip the state? Realistically, nowhere.

Last, did other states go (legally) to Trump? In Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul has the largest population by far. In Virginia, Fairfax County and counties near D.C. represent the bulk of the population. Any election malarkey in Minneapolis/St. Paul and in Northern Virginia can flip their respective states to one candidate or another.

So, “Why Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Nevada?” Considering population dispersal, all six are ripe for election fraud.

Jeff Davidson
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