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Allen West Tells Tucker Carlson How He Would Secure The Texas Border And It Makes PERFECT Sense (VIDEO)

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Geez! Why haven’t we done any of this yet?! Probably because Texas doesn’t have Allen West as Governor.

Don’t worry, that can be fixed…

It looks like Texas and the rest of the United States would be in a very different position today if Lt. Col. Allen West was the Governor of the Lone Star State instead of Greg Abbott.

West is challenging Abbott in the next gubernatorial race, and if this is any indication of his other ideas on how to make the lives of Texans better, well, Abbot had better watch out!

On Wednesday, Col. West appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to talk about the disastrous situation in Del Rio and the porous southern border in general. West laid out several steps he’d take immediately to end the flood of “migrants” crossing the border illegally.

Here’s what he said he’d do:

  • Immediately deploy 6,000 – 7,000 National Guard troops to the critical areas of the border.
  • Set up a “border control zone” to prevent illegal border crossers from being sent all over the country.
  • Go after the 501c(3) NGOs who are helping coordinate these migrant caravans and “aiding and abetting illegal immigration” by revoking their licenses.
  • Declare the human and drug trafficking cartels as “transnational narco-criminal organizations” so that they can go after their finances and resources including banks that hold cartel money.

Tucker says that his “jaw is open” because all of the proposals are so sensible and asks why it hasn’t been done before.

Col. West has a fantastic response, but you should really hear it from him.

Dang! That was amazing!

“Who would ever want to be President and not want to protect the sovereignty of the United States of America? But who would want to be a Governor and not want to protect the sovereignty of their state which has an almost 1,300-mile border?” asks West.

Great question. Maybe someone can shout it at Biden or ask Gov. Abbott that at his next presser.

“30 years ago, as a young Army Captain, I was deployed to Kuwait to protect their border against Saddam Hussein but yet here today, we find ourselves not protecting our own border,” noted West. He added, “I find that very hypocritical and ironic.”

Isn’t it, though?

West also said that this isn’t just about what’s going on in a small strip of land in Texas at the border with Mexico — it affects the other states as well.

He’s absolutely right.

As much as Biden and Harris tout their “humane” border policy, the videos of the makeshift tent village under the bridge in Del Rio that looks like a third-world refugee camp, the stories of sex trafficking, and people dying along the way paint a very different picture.

This isn’t humane.

It’s the exploitation of desperate people by human traffickers and drug cartels to get rich. And Democrats approve of it.

What’s “humane” about that?

We’d do well to have a guy like Lt. Col. Allen West calling the shots in a big state like Texas.

For more information on Allen West’s platform, check out his website at

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