WATCH: FDA Employee Wants A Registry Of The Unvaxxed And FORCED Vaccination — Jokes About Using ‘Blow Darts’

Written by K. Walker on September 23, 2021

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Project Veritas strikes again. This time, they managed to catch an FDA economist admitting that if he had his way, he’d create a list of the unvaccinated and vaccinate them against their will.

Taylor Lee is an economist for the Food and Drug Association (FDA). He was captured on video saying some incredibly outrageous statements related to vaccination including that he wanted to create a registry of the unvaccinated and force the shot on them.

Lee repeatedly “joked” about using “blow darts” filled the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to give the jab to the unvaccinated without their consent. At one point, he said that he doesn’t care about bodily autonomy, at another, he suggests telling people that it’s just a Vitamin C shot.

For people who have a medical or religious exemption — that’s not funny.

He must think it’s hilarious because he kept repeating it. At one point, he even said that we should use drones to shoot the darts.

At one point, he admits that his suggestions sound like “Nazi Germany” but he doesn’t back down and it’s pretty clear that he thinks that people who have chosen not to be vaccinated are stupid.

Lee also admits that there is a big problem with vaccine hesitancy in the African American community.

TAYLOR LEE: I think that a lot of the time — so there’s also this issue of — I remember reading about how with COVID [vaccine] trials, they were having an issue recruiting African American people. It was because of a different medication the government tried to do that was specifically designed to kill African Americans.

PROJECT VERITAS JOURNALIST: Oh, so like a mistrust thing.

LEE: Yeah.

VERITAS: But this thing [COVID vaccine] is safe, though.

LEE: We know that now, but like again, I think there is still this big mistrust and like it’s deep-rooted.

VERITAS: Yeah. Can’t blame them [African Americans].

LEE: I can’t. But at the same time, like, blow dart. That’s where we’re going.

Interestingly, when he was admitting that statistics can be manipulated to push a narrative, it’s pretty clear that this FDA economist isn’t so great with numbers.

“So, the death rate’s gone down. It’s — this is the one thing that I hate about statistics is, you know, sometimes you can play with them and the way that you want to show the information. Because you can definitely do that, you know,” Lee explained, “If you let COVID kill off everyone over 60, let’s say, everyone under that age is going to have an easier recovery period for the most part, so the death rate would obviously go down. It’s like, ‘Oh we’re doing a great job — death rate’s down!’ Okay, but you’ve just killed off like 400 million people.”

Is he talking about just the United States or globally, because either way, his numbers are way off.

He even weighs in on how the “undocumented” migrants at the southern border “aren’t really a problem” despite flooding in by the thousands daily. Lee apparently isn’t aware of the unbelievably low vaccination rates in countries that are not the United States.

Lee talks about using an IQ test to deal with the problem of “white uneducated” people who haven’t been vaccinated.

Perhaps he’s not aware of the study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh that found that people with Ph.D.s are the most vaccine-hesitant group.


Lee probably doesn’t realize it, but he sounds incredibly racist in these clips.

He also sounds incredibly smug and condescending.

But then, are you surprised? That’s typical for leftists these days.

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