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UNDER THE BIDEN BUS: Dems Unleash ‘Lawfare’ Harassment Tactics Against Ordinary MAGA Family

If you need evidence that Democrats love nothing more than bullying their political enemies into compliance with their will… here you go.

Don’t for a second think that Dems are above using intimidation and brute force to push around individual families.

It’s not just Crossfire Hurricane, or political hit pieces, or the de-platforming and delegitimizing of conservative institutions that they spend their political capital on.

It’s not just weaponizing government like the IRS against conservative activist groups. Nor is it just groups like SPLC slandering any organization that won’t march lockstep with political party lines.

They have no hesitation in targeting individual families for personal and financial destruction, either.

One of their favorite tactics is sometimes known as ‘lawfare’.

The misuse of legal systems and principles against an enemy, such as by damaging or delegitimizing them, wasting their time and money (e.g. SLAPP suits), or winning a public relations victory. -Wiki

As Tom Fitton likes to say, the punishment IS the process. They brought General Flynn to the brink of bankruptcy. They are using it in squeezing Jan 6 protesters who have been charged with glorified trespassing, and they are using it on a Christian family from Texas who dared to fly a Trump flag with a bunch of other MAGA supporters.

We covered the background of the ‘Biden Bus’ event when the stories were still current news.

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For context, this similar story did NOT get serious press coverage: MAGA Bro Was Run Off The Road By An Angry Leftist Because Of His ‘Black Voices For Trump’ Car Sign

Powerful groups have since used the narrative spun from that event to make an example of one family they have targeted for that same process of destruction. Here is their story.

OUR STORY: My husband and I were part of the Trump Train that “escorted” the Biden Bus through Texas last October. We proudly flew American flags and Trump flags to show our majority support for President Trump when the Biden bus passed through New Braunfels on I-35.

Nearly 8 months later, I learned from a friend who saw my name in a front page CNN article, that were facing a civil lawsuit in Federal Court for “violating the Ku Klux Klan Law of 1871 by banding together on a public highway to suppress Black and minority voter rights”.

We had not yet been served (though we were finally served over a month later after learning about the lawsuit), and couldn’t believe what we were hearing.

We started digging in to find out if this was real. We learned that 10+ attorneys and 3 Democratic non-profits were funding the very real lawsuit and there were 4 plaintiffs suing us: former (D) Sen. Wendy Davis, Biden Campaign staffers, and the bus driver.

My husband and I are 2 of 5 defendants listed on the lawsuit. We have since lawyered up with Houston attorney Jerad Najvar and have filed for dismissal – though, because this issue is tied up in Federal court, it could take months to progress and still may go to court.

We are not only seeking to defend ourselves against these frivolous charges and malicious lies, but to expose the corruption of the elite governmental overreach and the attack on the common man exercising basic freedoms.

We have been quoted in excess of $200,000 simply to defend ourselves against these lies in Federal court, and hope that if we prove our innocence that we will be able to seek reimbursement for legal fees. At this time, however, to move forward with defending ourselves, we are paying out of pocket with what little we have, and fundraising the rest.

As a 33-year-old stay-at-home mom who homeschools (to ensure our son has a solid, educational foundation in Christ during these uncertain times), with a husband who is a plumber, we represent the average Joe.

We know that what we are fighting against is bigger than us, and we see an opportunity rise up in boldness and use this as a platform to speak against the injustice.

We believe God will use this as an opportunity to shine a light of truth and justice on the matter, and ultimately that he will receive the glory.

If you are interested in helping this family stand against the Dems’ soul-sucking legal machine of systematic destruction, you can follow the following link.

Join them in their fight … HERE.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck