WTC 9/11: When Our World Came Crashing Down … One Thing STILL Stood Tall

Written by Wes Walker on September 11, 2021

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It’s an inevitable fact of human nature. Ordinary objects, in important situations, take on extraordinary significance.

A baseball is just a baseball, like any of a gazillion others you could find in a store. But if that baseball happens to be the last ball a Hall-of-Fame player knocks over the fence…? Now you have a ball with a story. Suddenly, that little white orb is infused with meaning far greater than the sum of its parts.

One sunny Tuesday morning in New York City was an ordinary day — until it wasn’t.

Our firemen and cops were ordinary heroes — until they weren’t.

The humble box cutter was just another office supply tool that nobody would give a moment’s second thought to — until it wasn’t.

A field in Shanksville was just another field. Until it wasn’t. Two towers fell that day. The Pentagon smoldered. And the passengers on 4 airliners were taken helplessly to their doom that day. Well, technically, only three of them helplessly.

Twenty years ago today, the entire world staggered in shock as they watch the two towers of the iconic World Trade Center shudder and fall.

Disbelief gave way to sorrow. Sorrow hardened into resolute will. And, there in the ruins, Dubya had one of the defining moments of his presidency. “I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

The pieces of the puzzle started coming together. We heard Todd Beamer’s famous words ‘Let’s roll’ as the heroics of Flight 93 came to light.

But in the midst of it all was a lingering question. It was the same lingering question so often found in the midst of any tragic event no matter great or small it might be.

‘Where is God in the midst of … all of THIS?’

Humanity gets lulled into a sense of security in the good times, where we think the safety, or prosperity, or other good times we enjoy today can continue on forever.

When tragedy strikes — as it often does in our broken world — we who so often forget to thank God for all the good things we enjoy in life are quick to blame Him for what goes wrong.

A good friend of mine — ClashDaily’s own Big Dawg — replies to the question of why can God allow good people to suffer by flipping it on its head. Knowing we are all sinful, how can a just and Holy God grant such a corrupted race of humanity any of the joy we so take for granted?

It was in the midst of our suffering, as the debris pile was being (carefully) carried away from what was still a freshly-created mass grave, an ordinary something appeared in the midst of the debris pile.

Two steel beams stood tall out of the rubble, in a very familiar shape.

How could God be with us in the midst of our suffering? Simple. If anything — ANYTHING — could remind us that God is with us in our suffering, it was the cross itself.

He came to bear OUR suffering in his own body so that whatever happens in this life — good, bad, or indifferent — we can have confidence that our guilt and sin in this life will not be waiting for their repayment in the hereafter.

We were never promised an easy life. Christ has told us that in this world we WILL have trouble. But, however dark the times may become, we can take heart, because HE has overcome the world.

The world may be full of darkness and chaos…

But in God, there is goodness and light.

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