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BUYER’S REMORSE: Pro-Vax Immunologist Regrets Voting For Biden … Bigly (VIDEO)

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Is America headed for a recession?

Libs are trying very hard to make it look like only the most dyed-in-the-wool MAGA peeps are in any way critical of Biden. They hate it when people like this guy speak out.

Dr. Hooman Noorchashm is an immunologist, and he’s getting sick of Joe’s schtick.

This is the point in the story where the left would jump to conclusions — you can’t believe him, he’s a crackpot, he’s a quack. He hates Joe because he is anti-science and anti-vaccine.

Swing and a miss, folks. Here’s what he wrote on his website.

I have, on multiple occasions now, publicly called on the Biden administration, the FDA commissioner and the CDC to open the door to antibody testing for establishment of medical necessity as a means of combating vaccine hesitancy. Because I believe Americans to be a rational people and, I know from personal experience in medical practice, that when most hesitant Americans are confronted with the FACT that they are NOT immune, a majority choose to get vaccinated. Americans are a rational people and want to protect themselves from harm. But, by placing barriers to pre-vaccination antibody testing for determination of medical necessity, the Biden administration’s FDA is dangerously stoking further vaccine hesitancy through this very specific and misguided policy against antibody testing. And fundamentally, when federal executive agencies act to limit citizens access to their own highly relevant health information, especially in a national medical emergency where their lives could depend on it, a terrible dereliction of duty is at hand.

Second, the mRNA vaccine is a highly unstable preparation. Thus, it is very likely that a significant number of mRNA vaccine doses entering individual American arms are either partially or completely spoilt — and, thus, ineffective. The fact that FDA’s May 19 guidance is placing a barrier in the way of post-vaccination antibody testing, effectively blocks determination of vaccine efficacy in individual Americans. This inappropriate and dangerous FDA action very likely leaves a substantial number of vaccinated citizens susceptible to what would have otherwise been preventable COVID-19 infections, had these citizens been provided a pathway to confirm the efficacy of their vaccination. — Medium

Nope. It’s not the vaccine that this doctor objects to, it’s Joe’s authoritarian streak.

Dr. Noorchashm wrote this tweet BEFORE Joe opened his mouth over the weekend…

He’s only become more convinced of his disdain for Biden since he wrote that tweet.

People with natural immunity are being opened to a campaign of discrimination.

Add to that, it’s unethical to insist that people with immunity to be forced to undergo a procedure to acquire immunity.

‘I think it’s completely draconian, frankly goes in the face of medical necessity, and frankly, I think it’s a constitutional violation.’

The left will HATE this guy.

He isn’t the ‘bad’ sort of doctor media folks love to straw-man, the kind who breaks from consensus. He’s an ordinary American who thinks team Biden is drunk on power.

He’s going to be tough to ‘otherise’.

But they’ll try. Count on it.

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