‘Do I Have To Sue CNN?’ Joe Rogan Blasts Network For ‘Making Sh*t Up’ That He Took ‘Horse Dewormer’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 8, 2021

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After a rapid recovery from COVID, Joe Rogan is pushing back on the disinformation on CNN about his treatment.

The Corporate Media seems to be committed to vilifying any talk about treatment for the coronavirus — especially Ivermectin.

FAKE NEWS: Rolling Stone Quietly Updates Article Claiming Hospital Was Overwhelmed By Ivermectin Overdoses

Joe Rogan recently announced that he has tested negative for COVID just days after announcing that he contracted COVID and took medication for it for a few days.

In his latest podcast, Rogan’s buddy and fellow comedian, Tom Segura, teased him about taking a “horse dewormer” and Rogan responded by asking if he needs to sue CNN for “making sh*t up” because he got his medication from a doctor.

The clip from the podcast explains the comedian and podcast king’s COVID journey.

According to Rogan, he was in Florida on tour when he contracted the virus. He said that he stayed up late on Friday night playing pool and drinking. When he woke up on Saturday, he didn’t feel quite right, but he chalked that up to heavy drinking, staying up all night, and travel. He had a show on Saturday, and went home that night, but felt off. He woke up in the middle of the night, he was sweating and feeling sick. He got tested on Sunday morning, found out it was positive and started a treatment regimen right away including high-dosage vitamin drips, monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-pak, and prednisone. He felt better by Monday.

On September 1, Rogan made the announcement on Instagram that he had tested positive for the coronavirus a few days earlier but was feeling better after “throwing the kitchen sink at it.” On September 3, he reported that he had another COVID test and it came back negative.

The left is losing their minds that he was able to beat the Coronavirus in less than a week. It goes against the fear porn that they’re peddling. Rogan is in great shape and has long said that the best protection is being in good health, but there were some nutters out there wishing that he’d get really sick with COVID because they believe he has peddled “COVID disinformation” by saying that young, healthy people don’t really need to be vaccinated.

“What they didn’t highlight is that I got better,” said Rogan. “They’re trying to make it sound like I’m doing such wacky sh*t that’s completely ineffective. CNN was saying that I’m a distributor of misinformation.”

Rogan added that because he got better so quickly, it was the “worse case scenario” for the haters. “They’re weak b*tches,” he added.


What would be delicious is Joe Rogan suing the pants off CNN’s Glory Boy, Jim Acosta, for lying about the medication that Rogan was taking.

I’m no doctor, and there has not been a “randomized clinical trial” of Ivermectin, but it is being prescribed for COVID in countries where vaccination rates are lagging.

Even if it’s slightly effective, isn’t it worth looking at? Even with vaccines, we still need to find a way to treat this thing, right? Maybe it’s better to not dismiss Ivermectin as just a “horse dewormer.”

From a previous article that I wrote that discussed Ivermectin:

Ivermectin has been called a “wonder drug” with multiple uses and the scientists who discovered it won a Nobel Prize. It is used as an anti-parasitic in animals, but it has also been used in humans to treat parasites and has shown some success against viruses. It also has very few reported serious side effects if taken properly in the 35 years that it has been prescribed.

A 2011 paper published on the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Institute of Health (NIH), calls Ivermectin a “wonder drug” on par with penicillin and aspirin. The paper deals with the human use of Ivermectin and states that although it was originally used for treating parasites in livestock, it was “quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found.”

The dishonest framing of the drug as a “horse dewormer” started spreading rapidly around the same time as popular podcaster Joe Rogan announced in an Instagram video on September 1 that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Rogan said that he felt tired and feverish, and he “knew what had happened.” He said that with regard to treatment, he “threw everything at it” including using ivermectin.

In an Instagram update on September 3, Rogan said that he tested negative for the virus.

Here is a typical way that it was reported:

It looks like Joe Rogan’s drug cocktail worked, much to the chagrin of the leftists who wanted him to be knocked down with the virus… or worse.

In the report, there was no mention of the many human uses of Ivermectin including that it has been successful in treating River Blindness in sub-Saharan Africa, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Because it’s an inexpensive drug to produce, the drug company, Merck, has been giving it out free to the poorest of the poor to treat parasites for decades.

Ivermectin has saved the sight of tens of millions of people in the Third World since it has been handed out, and has been called a “miracle drug” but the left wants to insist that the stupid red-state people are taking a medication that treats parasites in livestock and are overdosing on it.

That claim at the very end of the video that if there was an effective treatment that doctors from all over the world would be prescribing it… yeah, about that…

It’s funny how all those “black and brown” doctors in places with low vaccination rates are advocating for using Ivermectin to treat the virus and it’s being discouraged by Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the FDA.

Merck is discouraging using the inexpensive drug Ivermectin for COVID, but also issued a statement that they are developing a new drug — that they’ll patent — to do exactly what some studies have shown Ivermectin is currently doing in countries that can prescribe it.

ClashDaily has covered discussions by scientists about the possible use of Ivermectin as a treatment for the Coronavirus for some time.

Bret Weinstein spoke to Dr. Tess Lawrie who created a meta-analysis of Ivermectin studies done around the world showing that it may prevent serious illness from SARS-CoV-2.

Here’s a clip of that interview:

The full interview can be seen on Odysee here.

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