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Dr. Fauci’s Terrible Public Health Messaging Has Been A Problem For YEARS — Here’s Proof

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Other than being younger in this clip, he hasn’t changed much.

The left loves Dr. Fauci, but he’s been absolutely awful when it comes to providing information to the public — and there’s proof.

Early in the pandemic, Dr. Fauci said that people in the United States shouldn’t really be worrying about the coronavirus. He also said that he lied about whether people should be walking around wearing masks because he wanted to reserve them for healthcare workers. He’s flip-flopped on double-masking, masking up after vaccination, and whether children should be back in classrooms.

And now, it appears that he was not exactly being honest about what he knew about funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

SMOKING GUN: Fauci Caught In Gain-Of-Function Lie… Rand Paul Demands Investigation

Fauci keeps moving the goalposts but libs still worship the ground he walks on and continue to trust his every word implicitly.

Back in 2003, during the SARS outbreak, a North Carolina doctor called a CSPAN show where Dr. Fauci was on discussing the pandemic.

She had some pretty harsh words for the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID).

She blasted him for his atrocious public health messaging that was making things worse.

CALLER: You’ve been at the NIH a pretty long time, and it seems to me that during your tenure, our ability to control infectious diseases hasn’t improved but, in fact, worsened. And even basic health tips such as you can’t use antibiotics to treat viral infections have not been adequately communicated to the public because, for instance, people will come in demanding an antibiotic for a common cold or any other viral infection which has certainly served to create more resistant strains. Not saying that this has anything to do with this particular SARS epidemic, but don’t you think it’s time you step down and let someone else who has a more effective message?

FAUCI: Actually, no. (LAUGHS)

National Pulse Investigative Reporter, Natalie Winters, posted the clip on Rumble.

Here is the full clip from CSPAN:

As ClashDaily mentioned in a previous article about the disinformation about Ivermectin, Fauci favors vaccines over treatment.

Remember, Dr. Facui was fearmongering about AIDS spreading through “routine close contact” in the 1980s and shunned the idea of therapeutics in treatment to push for the development of a vaccine. There is still no vaccine for HIV, but it is now treated with a multi-drug cocktail which has seriously reduced deaths. He appears to be taking the same approach to the Chinese Coronavirus.

How many lives did that cost?

Dr. Fauci has been awful for a very, very long time.

Maybe it’s time for the good doctor to retire.

K. Walker

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