Europe Taking A Stand Against Forced-Labor Manufactuing … Will ‘Woke’ Corporations Do Likewise?

Written by Wes Walker on September 16, 2021

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Tucked away in a news story about Europe’s plan to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative was a strong statement against the sort of forced labor China is routinely accused of using.

America is still trying to process allegations that General Milley was working at cross-purposes with his duly-elected president at whose pleasure he served, calling his counterpart in China. Democrat-aligned institutions have stepped up to dutifully assure us that everything is on the up-and-up. Also, now is not a good time to mention that awkward detail about Joe Biden being affirmed by a business partner as the ‘big guy’ who got 10%.

Likewise, we should pay no attention to this Chinese professor’s allegations that China has deeply influenced the very highest levels of American business and politics, and his obvious pleasure that Trump, who didn’t bend to China’s usual insider pressures, is now off the table. Did A Chinese Professor’s Speech Expose Massive Chinese Corruption And Influence In America? (VIDEO)

While Biden’s Administration has made decisions that have weakened American prestige and steadily increased China’s overall power and influence in the world, Europe is stepping into the gap and taking a moral stand against China.

You know, exactly the kind of stand that America SHOULD be taking, if it weren’t so busy with its performative self-flagellation about how racist it is. If Obama’s apology tour was bad, this is objectively worse, because it accomplishes nothing domestically, and gives our enemy propaganda talking points to use against us in the world… innoculating countries like China from our public criticism over, for example, slave labor and concentration camps.

Europe isn’t playing along. In the middle of EU’s State of the Union speech, while explaining their projects to oppose China’s Belt-and-Road initiative, a statement of perfect moral clarity was made.

The Epoch Times was reporting Europe’s policy that will help prevent China from using the predatory ‘debt trap’ loan policy by which they offer loans that cannot possibly be repaid in exchange for slices of a country’s autonomy or resources. There was a rare gem buried in that story.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said something Joe Biden ought to be saying (emphasis added:).

“If Europe is to become a more active global player, it also needs to focus on the next generation of partnerships,” she said, praising the new EU-Indo-Pacific strategy, which seeks to increase Europe’s influence in Asia. As part of the strategy, the bloc will form closer trade and investment relations with Taiwan, in response to the growing threat posed by a communist China in the region.

Von der Leyen also criticized Beijing’s forced labor practices and human rights abuses, without directly naming China.

“There are 25 million people out there, who are threatened or coerced into forced labor. We can never accept that they are forced to make products–and that these products then end up for sale in shops here in Europe,” she said.

China is considered the global hot spot for goods made with forced labor. U.S. and EU officials have repeatedly raised concerns over use of forced labor in China, particularly in Xinjiang region.

“So, we will propose a ban on products in our market that have been made by forced labor. Because human rights are not for sale–at any price,” Von der Leyen said.TheEpochTimes

How does that contrast with corporations that uses spokesmen like Kapernick to wag their condescending fingers at Americans, while calling themselves fundamentally Chinese?

Nike Chief Executive Officer John Donahoe defended his company’s relationship with Communist China in a phone call with Wall Street analysts on earnings.

“Nike is a brand that is of China and for China,” Donahoe said. —Federalist

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When it comes to standing up for what matters, does Ursula Von der Leyen have bigger cojones than Biden and anyone in our army of woke corporations? It sure looks that way, doesn’t it?

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