HEY DEMS: Who’s Lying About Afghanistan SNAFUs … Joe Biden Or The Generals? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 28, 2021

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Now that Congress has a chance to ask some of our leaders direct questions — under oath — we have a chance to sift the truth from the spin. Especially where the testimony doesn’t fit the narrative we’ve been sold.

Here is the exchange between Senator Tom Cotton and several leaders talking about whether Biden ever heard the critical advice about troops in Afghanistan he claims never to have received… advice that could have dramatically changed the course of events in Afghanistan, up to, and including, leaving without significant loss of American lives, prestige, and property.

Done correctly, the Democratically-elected government might even have remained in place, keeping the Taliban in check. At the very least, the Taliban prisoners being held at Bagram wouldn’t have been sprung by the terrorists, because we wouldn’t have abandoned Bagram.

Senator Blackburn was strictly business.

And here is Tom Cotton with the money question…

Milley forgot that an illegal order isn’t the only rationale for a general’s resignation. The other reason is in protest to an immoral order.

If breaking a promise and abandoning Americans to the hands of a known group of terrorists doesn’t rank as immoral, it would be interesting to know what DOES rise to that criterion in his whirring tin brain.

How does all of this testimony reflect on Joe Biden?

Badly, in either of two possibilities:

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