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J&J EXPOSED: What Employees Say When They Think Nobody’s Looking (Project Veritas Video)

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Does ‘trusting the science’ include trusting concerns raised by Johnson & Johnson’s own employees when they think they’re speaking in confidence?

The Project Veritas team has done it again, by scoring two hidden video conversations with J&J insiders. One was a scientist, the other in marketing.

What they had to say about the vaccine, who should get it (and who shouldn’t), about coercive techniques, and about their company’s lack of transparency is pretty damning. But that’s not the worst of it.

The fact that one guy got the competitor’s vaccine is hilarious. But the reasons they told people not to vaccinate kids are not.

What both guys said went directly to motive other than ‘pure science’ — things like numbers, politics, money, pressure. Precisely the sorts of corrupting influences that make ordinary people skeptical about the authenticity of what they are being told. (Or should we say sold?)

Here’s the video in several different formats… you know, ‘just in case’, with more detail about the video’s content below. (It will be an interesting test to see how long the first two stay live.)

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The first step in having the public trust the word of the scientists is to have a thorough and proper disclosure of benefits and risks. After all, J&J is contractually free of liability. If anyone will bear the brunt of something that goes wrong it will be the person vaccinated.

Brandon Schadt, Business Lead for J&J said they wouldn’t tell us there was a problem even if they knew about one, citing one Tylenol recall he associates with cyanide contamination.

He is pretty clear about why kids shouldn’t get the vaccine, giving almost exactly the same argument we have often offered on this website… we really don’t know the decades-long long-term consequences, nor could we with a vaccine for a virus that only showed up two years ago.

‘Kids shouldn’t have to get a f***king vaccine, they’re a kid, you know.’ That’s a pretty definitive statement.

So is this one.

‘It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know — not something that is so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know’

‘… there’s nobody who’s thirty years in who said, ‘Hey, I had the vaccine and I don’t have a third eyeball’

‘Politics, money’

Justin Durrant, Scientist J&J was also caught on video.

So, should I tell my 12-year-old cousin not to get the J&J one?

[Winks] ‘I didn’t tell you that, though.’

He’s pretty upfront about the whole strategy of turning people into a second-class citizen if they don’t have the vaccine. Inconveniencing them to the point of citizens throwing up their hands and say ‘f*** it’, ok, I’ll get the vaccine.

Justin is the one who didn’t get the J&J vaccine. He went to one of the competitors. He gives a little insight into his reasons, too.

Kudos to the undercover journalists who keep getting these hidden camera videos. The world could use more people with that spirit.

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