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HUNTER’S ART: With Even Democrat Ethics Objections Raised, House Oversight Investigating

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No Democrat can feign surprise over the Biden family’s allegations of pay-for-play corruption — they were being made long before Joe won the nomination.

Now, with Hunter’s newfound ‘art career’, (where a cynic might begin to wonder if the art being made was even done with his own brush, or if someone else was paid to create it), even Obama-appointed ethics oversight is raising hell over the wide-open potential for corruption that this art scheme presents.

Not surprisingly, seeing as senators had already made a pretty strong case even before the last election that there is enough substance to his questionable activities and foreign entanglements that they would warrant a formal DOJ investigation.

This came BEFORE the infamous laptop showed up: BOMBSHELL: Senate Report On Hunter Biden Corruption Is DEVASTATING–Ties To Ukraine, China, Moscow, And Suspected Human Trafficking Ring

Now, House Oversight is looking into the potential for political corruption and influence-peddling to which Hunter’s new career could expose the White House.

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The top Republican on the House Oversight Committee ​wants the panel to investigate the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork — which could earn President Biden’s son millions — and he has contacted the gallery owner to divulge details of the ethics deal he reached with the White House.

​”It is the Oversight Committee’s responsibly to scrutinize Mr. Biden’s business activities because he chooses to conduct them in the most murky and corrupt corners of international affairs,” ​Rep. ​James Comer ​(R-Ky.) wrote in the letter sent Tuesday and obtained by The Post.​

…“The prices your gallery has set for these pieces by a new, untrained, celebrity artist are unprecedented,” ​Comer’s letter says. “One New York art adviser said such prices are ‘sort of insulting to the art ecosystem, as if anyone could do it.​

“Moreover, he has chosen​ — ​in the latest iteration of his career​ — ​to sell commodities of fluid and opaque value to anonymous benefactors,” ​Comer wrote, noting that Biden knows it’s likely buyers will pay inflated prices for his paintings because he is the president’s son.

Berges​, who once said he aspired to be the art world’s leader in China,​ is selling the fledgling artist Biden’s works with prices ranging from $75,000 to $500,000. —NYPost

Yet another China connection, eh? Is there any mention of 10% for the Big Guy this time or nah?

With plenty of unanswered questions from the earlier rounds of sketchy business practices that could expose the highest levels of government to plausible allegations of blackmail and influence peddling, the questions being raised about Hunter are not inconsequential.

If WaPo or the NYT pretended for a moment that the last name of the people involved had the surname ‘Trump’ the potential conflict might suddenly come into focus.

Is it really any mystery that the press has neither the stature nor public confidence it had in days gone by?

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