Pretty Girl & Thousands of Others Have A Message For Biden (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 21, 2021

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Joe loves to tell us all how he’s from Scranton, doesn’t he? Then he must be thrilled to see the students at Penn State have filmed a cheer with his name on it.

Did I say ‘cheer’?

Sorry. I meant ‘jeer’.

If Democrats have assumed they are the party of the next generation, and that they’ve got the youth vote locked up … they might want to think again.

This maskless crowd of America’s youth doesn’t seem at all ‘super-excited’ about goose-stepping to the latest government diktats.

They have a succinct message prepared for Joe Biden. It’s so simple even he, in his diminished state, couldn’t possibly miss the point.

The Art of Joe: The Political Brilliance of President Biden is the consummate gag gift that every MAGA Patriot should own and buy as gifts for snowflakes and NeverTrumpkins. Frequently bought together with The Art of Joe are Jumbo Sized Crayons, Finger Paints, Big Chief Tablets, Depends, and Velcro Shoes. BTW, the book is 95% bereft of any content. Just like Biden’s head.