Tallahassee Vs D.C.: White House And Florida Clash Over Rationing Of Antibody Treatment

Written by K. Walker on September 17, 2021

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that it’s “power and control” that is rationing the treatment and he says he’s going to “fight like hell” to get it from the federal government.

DeSantis and other red state governors have championed the use of monoclonal antibodies — man-made proteins that act like human antibodies — as a treatment for the Wuhan Virus before someone becomes seriously ill. The use of antibody treatment has significantly reduced the need for hospitalization. You may recall that President Trump as part of his treatment regimen took Regeneron, the antibody treatment by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

Earlier this week, the federal government ordered an additional 338,000 doses of Regeneron due to an expected increased demand with the spread of the Delta Variant.

Until recently, the federal govenrment ordered the antibody treatment and states can request the number of doses that they need, but that is all changing.

Perhaps it’s because 70% of the orders for antibody treatments were from Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Florida was not impressed. A statement from the Governor’s office on Wednesday said, “We were happy to see that Biden’s COVID plan announced last week included a 50% increase in monoclonal antibody deliveries to states this month. So it’s surprising and deeply disappointing that the Biden Admin would break this promise just a week later and cut MAB allocation to Florida, so they aren’t even providing half of the doses of life saving treatment that COVID patients in Florida will need. But the governor is committed to ensuring that everyone who needs the treatment will be able to get it, even if we can’t count on the Biden Administration.”

The anti-federalist Biden-Harris administration has decided to be more “equitable” in the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatment of the coronavirus. This basically means that the Feds, using the Department of Health and Human Services, will take over distribution and ration who gets how much.

Florida is currently seeing a surge in cases, and is one of the most populous states in the union — shouldn’t population density and need be the priority here? Not according to the White House.

Here’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki initially denying that there is rationing and then admitted that it needs to be “equitable.”

Good Lawd, she’s awful at this!

And what happened to… “If it saves just one life”?

Gov. Ron De Santis’s Press Secretary called out Psaki on her B.S.

A cynical person might think that the White House appears to believe that the lives in red states are less valuable and they want surges of the Wuhan virus to occur in those states. Why else would they continue to vilify particular states like Florida, Texas, and that have surges but not others? Why would they be sending illegal border crossers — some of whom are infected with the Wuhan virus — into red states? And why would they restrict the treatment that has been touted by red state governors? And why else would they insist that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and imply that it’s only th red state MAGA people in “flyover country” — many of whom have been actually out there working throught this pandemic because they had to — that are not vaccinated when we know that there is significant (and understandable) vaccine hesitancy among the black and Hispanic coommunities?

There is no know supply issue with the antibody treatment, and Eli Lilly is apparently capable of providing more if necessary.

In August, Gov. DeSantis announced that he was creating a “Rapid Response” team to expand the use of monoclonal antibody treatment in the state.

It’s saving lives and keeping people out of the hospitals, which, if we go back in time to March 2020, was the entire point of lockdown and “mitigation measures.” The goal was to not overwhelm the healthcare system not completely halt the spread of an airborne resipiratory virus.

At the time of the announcment, DeSantis was mocked by the press for supporting the treatment, but he stood firm.

As has been the case throughout the pandemic, DeSantis appears to have taken the right approach.

Now, as indicated in the statement issued on Wednesday, DeSantis wants to bypass the HHS entirely — he’s now going right to the source. The governor is trying to secure a deal to buy antibody treatment from another provider, GlaxoSmithKline.

Let’s see if the anti-federalist Biden-Harris admin will continue to play politics with this Wuhan virus and try to underhandedly secure a “sole-source” contract with GSK for the antibody treatment. Because you know they’d try to pull that kind of crap. They don’t like having a state that they can’t control.

The problem is that the White House is trying to battle Florida…

If it’s a battle of wits, clearly Joe’s going in unarmed.

The content of this book, The Art of Joe: The Political Brilliance of President Biden, is a direct reflection of what’s inside Joe Biden’s brain namely, nothing. The chapter, Notable Quotable Joe should be read aloud at MAGA parties from coast-to-coast.

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