The Church Should Attract Men, Not Repel Them

Written by Doug Giles on September 29, 2021

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Have you looked around the average church lately? There aren’t a lot of men hanging out in most of them. There IS a reason for that. And, once you know the reason, you can work toward a solution.

There was a point in history, not too long ago, where the Church was bristling with masculine energy. Women weren’t left to carry 80% of the responsibility like so many do today.

The divine design for Christ’s Church was never intended to be 5 bearded ladies arguing over what shade of lavender to paint the walls while guys who do show up look like a K-Pop boy band.

Nope. It was never designed to operate in the absence of a masculine vibe, let alone a weird metrosexual vibe that makes any self-respecting guy head for the hills.

Go ahead and ask the next question: what the heck was the church supposed to look like?

It has something to do with building the kind of men that follows the Biblical template.

What’s that you ask? Click play and find out.

In case your vision of Jesus is so narrow that you can’t even imagine Him raising his voice in anger, let alone a whip, here He is in one famous moment in history where he rocks the kind of masculine vibe that puts the righteous fear of God in those money changers in the temple.

That’s every bit as much a part of the Biography of ‘Sweet Jesus’ as those tender moments where He calls the kiddoes around him for a blessing, isn’t it?

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