RETURN OF LITTLE ROCKETMAN: North Korea Successfully Tests A Dangerous New Toy

Written by Wes Walker on September 29, 2021

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North Korea has shown the world a dangerous new toy. At moments like these, don’t you miss that Bad Orange Man’s ‘mean tweets’?

Trump’s no longer on Twitter or in office. Instead, an actual dotard is now sitting behind the irresolute desk at a moment in history when we most need someone with the ability to make sound decisions and taking decisive action.

Instead, we’ve got a guy in office who is so corrupted that even his media guardians have acknowledged that Hunter’s damning emails exposing political pay-for-play in Ukraine were authentic… as was the email showing Joe to be on the take from CCP connected Chinese businessmen.

That would tell us they aren’t actually interested in the corruption angle, so much as they are just clearing the air about the emails so they can pretend like they are real journalists so people believe the future cover-ups and political hit pieces.

We saw how Trump stood up to the little big shot in North Korea. Since then, he’s been busy working away at building himself some new toys. His people are starving, but he’s working on state-of-the-art weapons delivery systems.

Between the debacle in Afghanistan, and the fraying of America’s traditional alliances (France just pulled their ambassador out of America for the first time ever), these would be dangerous times to have an inept leader in charge. How will Biden stand up to this new threat?

As always, Tiny Kim’s boasts need to be taken with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t mean we should take them as empty threats.

North Korea said Wednesday it successfully tested a new hypersonic missile it implied was being developed as nuclear capable, as it continues to expand its military capabilities and pressure Washington and Seoul over long-stalled negotiations over its nuclear weapons.

The missile test early Tuesday was North Korea’s third round of launches this month and took place shortly before North Korea’s U.N. envoy accused the United States of hostility and demanded the Biden administration permanently end joint military exercises with South Korea and the deployment of strategic assets in the region.

…South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff assessed the missile to be at an early stage of development and said North Korea would need “considerable time” to be able to deploy it operationally. –Military

Do any of us really believe that Joe Biden has the vaguest idea of how to put meaningful pressure on Tiny Kim?

What could possibly go wrong in this scenario?

Have any of Joe’s policies worked out in the national interest?

Quite a few of those policies have worked for his own party’s political advantage, but that’s hardly the same question, is it?

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