WATCH: The Vaccine Side Effect Even Fauci Called The Worst Possible Outcome

Written by Wes Walker on September 22, 2021

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Did you know respiratory diseases have a historical problem when it comes to vaccine production? It’s the same one Fauci worried might come into play with this vaccine.

It can’t be ‘misinformation’ if Saint Fauci said it, can it? Because even their beloved Fauci invoked the phrase ‘Antibody Dependant Enhancement’.

It would be easy to write up a meandering opinion-style piece about what we are being told, and what key information is being swept under the rug. But it would be far more credible to present the actual folks in labcoats in their own words… including the prevaricating authoritarian smurf himself.

In this video, Fauci raises the issue of Antibody Dependant Enhancement. It’s the other folks in labcoats who explain why the fact we’ve not yet had a serious conversation about this issue is important… and, more to the point, just what risks they are describing.

The fact that Fauci is being called out for cherry-picking data that supports his preferred hypothesis is something of a red flag. And it just gets worse from there.

Some of this video is from congressional hearings. But you might not have heard them before, because they are exactly the kind of hearings that wound up suppressed.

Watch the video, it’s only 8 minutes long. Draw your own conclusions.

And then, if you like, pass the story along to someone else so they can do the same.

There once was a time when our medical staff believed that patients had final say over what goes into their bodies, and a critical component of the trust relationship they had with the medical profession was something called ‘informed consent’.

The ethics of the medical profession — just like the ethics of so many other professions — aren’t what they used to be.