Be Fruitful & Multiply (Live from Cigars & Sermons)

Written by Doug Giles on October 16, 2021

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Ever get the feeling you were put on this planet for something bigger than just punching a clock and surviving to the weekend to pound back some beers and watch the game?

You know that feeling, don’t you?

The one that says your life is supposed to count for something that will leave a Texas-sized mark in history and not just a footstep on the beach that will be washed away by morning?

Do you know that God slapped His Spirit in the life of every believer so that the Devil would start every day looking over HIS shoulder instead of the other way around?

Have you ever heard someone preach that ‘fill the earth and subdue it’ is an invitation to step into an adventure worthy of living?

If you haven’t before you’re about to.

We gotta warn you, be careful listening to this. It’s pure dynamite.

It’s the dangerous kind of message that will awaken an appetite for adventure that the sissified world and the spiritual forces of evil in this present darkness don’t like the people of God to hear.