Biden/Harris Throw Kids To The Coyotes … Who Will Speak For The Tortured Children?

Written by Jim H. on October 20, 2021

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For anyone who doesn’t speak cabal, “…underage immigrant…” means a kidnapped child torn from their parents by a global murder/rape organization fueled by DC money that will be raped to death over a period of several hours, days, months or years, depending on whether or not the helpless child is lucky enough to die quickly and move into the next life, or survive and suffer for a protracted period of time in this one first.

On the border the payment to Kinney County, Texas for housing a federal prisoner is $8/day. But to house/rape/assault/torture an “un-accompanied minor” (here we’d call each stolen child an “Amber alert”) the State Department pays, daily, using printed fiat dollars, to the villainous private companies holding these stolen children, $750/day.

President Dwight Eisenhower, in his exit speech warned of a rising “military industrial complex” (he coined the term) if limited conflict became profitable.

I warn here and now of an industrialized child rape process if we continue to sit still and allow the violent rape of children to be this profitable. Child abduction and rape-and-murder is the FASTEST GROWING CRIMINAL INDUSTRY IN WORLD HISTORY by the numbers of both victims AND money.

We are losing control of the basic moral compass of our great nation, our home, to crazed monsters who see children as toys to forcibly rape, beat, torture, eviscerate and ritually tear to pieces in offerings to Satan.

It’s front-page news on the New York Post. Yet there are no swarms of pitchforks and torches beating down the front doors of the offices of elected servants demanding this insult to God Himself be stopped with all due aggression and justice. [NY POST: Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night]

It may not be acceptable, but it’s acceptable enough to do nothing. To call this “trafficking” instead of what it is brutal, violent, screaming, bleeding, hysterical savagery and rape.

Unlike when a career-criminal violent-offender junkie overdose on Chinese-imported Fentanyl (the first and official coroner’s report read, “…no evidence of mechanical asphyxiation. Cause of death, overdose by Fentanyl complicated by cocaine and crystal methamphetamine…”, I know, I read it), which warrants a very violent, murderous overthrow of the US White House and “de-funding” of police per the paid agitators of the same bloodline families bankrolling the global kiddie-rape holocaust.

Remember in coming days what these monsters truly are and shower them with the same level of mercy and consideration they gave these young, helpless, nameless, faceless babies whom these remorseless bastards sent to early graves.